This Law Of Attraction Thing

law of attraction

The law of attraction is a bit of a problem for me but I can’t argue with facts, as the following true story will testify.  I’m a devout (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) atheist. I don’t believe in God, heaven, hell, the afterlife or in anything that can’t be backed up with scientific, impartial evidence. So I struggle with the idea that there is a law of attraction – that when you ask “the universe” for help it answers you. But as I sit here on our deck overlooking the sea surrounded by beautiful scenery and birdsong I sometimes wonder. Here’s the story.

A few years ago before I’d even heard of the law of attraction, I was forced to make some pretty hard decisions. I’d been made redundant for the second time in 2 years thanks to a brutal recession the economy is still trying to recover from. My partner had just started a business as a driving instructor and was just starting to build up her diary. We’d re-mortgaged our apartment in Glasgow to finance her business in fact. I had started an online business and had made enough to feel fairly confident that I could make a go of it.

For a long time we had dreamt of one day moving to the coast but our jobs had made this seem unachievable, tied as we were to the city. Now though I didn’t have those restrictions – an online business can be run from anywhere. We also reasoned that people need to learn to drive. Being from a rural upbringing I knew that county younsters in particular are desperate for the freedom that driving brings. So we decided that the time was now.

Law of Attraction In Action

A sales brochure for a house overlooking the sea with a set of keys on top of it.

We had explored the area we were interested in. We checked out property prices and did some research into the potential customer base for driving instruction. It looked promising though buy no means certain. So we put our city pad on the market. This is where with hindsight, the law of attraction just might have started to kick in.

We assumed based on watching the recession deflated property market in our area that our house would take 6-12 months to sell. This we thought would give us plenty of time to find our seaside pad and for my partner to build her business. In a worst-case scenario, she could commute by ferry to the mainland if needs be. Two things now happened that still seem a little “magical”. 

Firstly one of the estate agents we had contacted in Argyll sent us a sales brochure for a house. We knew immediately – as you do with houses – that this was the one. It was basically like our current Victorian 2 bed transplanted to the seaside of Argyll and Bute but with an extra bedroom and a huge garden. Secondly our place sold a mere 10 days after we listed it online and for over the asking price. The law of attraction?

We were in a bit of a quandary. The dream house was more than we could afford. Both being fairly recently self-employed we were struggling to secure finance. If we accepted the offer on our gaff, we had nowhere to go. We decided to go ahead anyway.  We could rent while we looked for something we could afford. When we started looking at rental properties with our move date looming another bit of “Universy” stuff happened.

Is This the Universe Showing It’s Hand?

One of the rental agents while showing us a property mentioned that he was also a mortgage consultant. When we told him about our problems borrowing enough for the dream house – we had even been let down by specialist self-employed mortgage consultants who charged chunky fees – he was amazed.

This guy was confident that the sizeable deposit the profit on our house sale had provided and our accounts to date a suitable loan would be easy. Since the property market in the highlands was very slow he suggested a lower offer on the dream house – which we had now viewed and wanted even more. He was right on both counts. Once more this law of attraction thing seemed to be working. But there was more to come.

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. We did it twice in 4 months. Once to a rented place 4 houses down from the new one then into the new one. Never again! One day as we sat in the rental with most of our belongings still unpacked and soon to be moved again, the mortgage papers arrived. One glance at them told us something was wrong.

Obstacles Be Gone!

law of attraction. Photo of a table set on a sunlit deck overlooking the sea. It has two glasses of wine and some grapes on it

My partner’s name was spelled wrongly. When she was 4 years old her dad had changed all of his children’s names from Bird to Birt. He had been teased at school apparently by being called Birdie, tweety pie and other childish names. He had wanted his kids to be spared this. It had never been a problem since only her birth certificate and passport still bore the original name. Her driving licence and other forms of ID were all in the new name.  The birth certificate and passport however were the only proof of ID’s the lenders would accept.

Due to the expiry date on the mortgage offer we needed to sort this fast. In order to get the offer redrafted with the correct name we had to change her name by deed poll and book an appointment with the passport office in Glasgow.  Again, against the clock and with possible intervention from the universe, we got it done.

I’m sorry if this has been a long tale. Trust me it was longer for us. My point in telling it is that it really does seem to this sceptic that the law of attraction may have played a part. Throughout the whole process we operated on a wing and a prayer driven only by our decision to make a major life change. As you’ve read, many obstacles were put in our way but every time a solution materialised.

The Back Up Vehicle

If I’m honest I prefer to attribute this to the power of visualisation and some very practical modern possibilities. We couldn’t have contemplated making this move had I not been able to generate my income online. The organisation that helped me do this is very big on self-development and mindset. It’s a community-based platform and many of its members are pretty big on The law of Attraction, The Universal law of abundance and the like.

My jury is still out but my views have softened. Everyone from self-development gurus to film and sporting and business stars are strong believers in the law of attraction after all. On a final note the very day we left Glasgow in a van packed to the gunnels with our belongings, I made the biggest online sales commission I had ever made. Bigger in fact than any I had made in 20+ successful years in business development and traditional sales. Food for thought?

Whether you are a believer or not one thing is certain. To make big life changes you need to put your faith in something. That may just be in yourself but you still need some kind of vehicle to get you there. For me that has been and is an organisation called Six Figure Mentors who came to my notice (law of attraction) via a series of free videos that came my way. You can get them on the link below.

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