Become Self Reliant Fast

become self reliant - a young woman works on her laptop in a coffee shop

During the annus horribillis that 2020 has undoubtedly been, the digital economy has been thriving. It’s heart – the internet – is where many people have found salvation and it’s where anyone can become self reliant in a world where no one else is coming to save us.  

Nasty Numbers

The need for us to become self reliant has never been stronger. According to the Office For National Statistics, UK redundancies are at a record high. Between July and September 2020 (coinciding with the end of the inital furlough scheme) some 314,000 people lost their jobs. That’s an increase of 181,000 from the previous quarter.

The UK unemployment rate is 4.8% the highest since 2002. The Furlough scheme and self employment grants have been extended till spring 2021 but there will be a heavy price to pay for that later. But crises also create massive opportunity and this one is no different 

It’s not all doom and gloom. A vaccine for Covid19 has been found apparently though it won’t be widely available for some time. Others are in the works. Undoubtedly we will beat this thing but the post pandemic world will look very different. It already does. We need to react to this by doing things differently. 

The Uk government has urged its citizens to Rethink, Reskill and Reboot. Unpopular though the way they chose to promote that catch phrase was, it’s good advice. When everything around you changes – the way you work, shop and interact – you need to change too or suffer the consequences. This crisis has driven us to the Internet for all of those things and it can also enable us to become self reliant as never before. 

The last global crisis in 2008 also closed down many businesses and made millions redundant. I was one of them. Then as now jobs were scarce. Hundreds if not thousands of people were applying for every vacancy. Being 47 at the time added another barrier to an already near impossible task. I decided to pivot instead and have never looked back. I started an online business.

Choose To Become Self Reliant

a row of lightbulbs bit only one is lit - it has become self reliant

There was a lot of sceptisim about “the laptop lifestyle”  in the first decade of the millenium. Its ture that there were a lot of get rich quick schemes and pie in the sky internet based opportunities. Times have moved rapidly since then however. A great many of us now make our income online and enjoy a very nice lifestyle at the same time. 

When another crisis looms in to view in the traditional economy we are very glad that we chose to become self reliant in the digital economy. Its not only business as usual, it’s boom time. When most of the world is locked down and turns to the Internet for almost everything its crazy to ignore the opportunity that creates.

I’m not talking about selling masks or handwashes here – although those are clearly big business right now. I’m talking about th emassive shift from reatil to online shopping for pretty much everything. E-commerce has never been busier. People are starting Amazon and Ebay stores left right and centre. It’s easy and inexpensive to do and you can do it from home. 

An even easier way to get started is with a business model known as affiliate marketing. This is basically a done for you, franchise like, business model. All you have to do is learn how to use platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook to market other people’s products.  

But what stops people from creating an online business is that they don’t know how. But that can be fixed. There are communities and organisations out there dedicated to helping you transition out of the doom and gloom and into a bright future.

Helping You Transition

When I was getting started I was very lucky to discover an organisation that taught me exactly how to do this. It also provided all of the nuts and bolts of online business and an affiliate business I could start with and a step by step system to follow.

More than this they showed me how to become self reliant in the digital world. I’ve used their training, mentorship and tools to build several affiliate and e-commerce businesses. I’ve also been able to help my partner do the same. 

Not surprisingly this organistaion has gone from strength to strength over the last decade. In 2020 they have worked hard to create opportunities directly related to the covid19 world we have found ourselves in.

If you are worried about your own future prospects and are ready to take on a new challenge – to pivot out of uncertainty and into a better life – I suggest you meet them. The link below will take you to a website where you can learn more and register for their free video series.