Self Reliance In 2021

As I put virtual pen to virtual paper for my first blog post of 2021 I firmly belive that self reliance will be key this year. The things that defined 2020 still linger like a bad hangover and its anyone’s guess when (if) any form of normality will return.

With politicians, economists, medics and journalists bickering and arguing over what’s best for us all, its time to start taking control of our own destinies. The place to do it – to find self reliance – is the internet where, despite the worst recession in history, fortunes are being made. 

I took myself out of the traditional ecnomy and into the digital one years ago after the last recession cost me my job. That enabled me to relocate to a place where being locked down – but able to wander freely nearby- has been almost a pleasure. My partner and I have lived in voluntary semi- isolation for years. Income wise things have actually got better since March 2020. My online business has seen a little boost and my partner has grown an online business from scratch to thriving. 

Step Away From The Old 

Being prevented from seeing more of my folks has been tough. My dad is in very poor health and has had a tough time of it due to covid restrictions. Family Zoom calls have helped a little but it would have been great to see him and the rest of our families at Christmas.

Two of our three cats were killed by cars between March 2020 and January 2021. In short economically it’s been fine for us but emotionally not so much. I know many people – my old friends and colleagues in the events industry in particular – have been serioulsy affected. I genuinely feel for anyone who has lost their job or business through all this. 

In the Uk at least I think the government has done a pretty good job of providing financial support to compensate for the fallout caused by its anti covid measures. But that can’t go on forever and the eventual price will astronomical. However you slice it the traditional economy will take a very long time to recover. Self reliance in the world after covid will mean stepping away from the old and into the new.  

I think my partner’s new business is a great example of that. It’s a physical business in that she sells hand made physical products. She makes custom lampshades and upcyles or customises lamp bases.  Old thinking – and friends and family have suggested this – would be to open a bricks and mortar shop. In today’s world – even pre-covid – this is crazy thinking. It’s basically an unecessary expense. These days the Internet IS the high street. 

The Self Reliance Bit 

This business has been grown on social media. First on Ebay then on Facebook marketplace now on Instagram. It started on our kitchen table and has expanded into a spare bedroom. Thus far there are no expenses beyond a few tools, shelves and a domain name for a website. That will only change if she ever decides to scale the business. Then she will need to employ people and spend some money on advertising. Meanwhile it’s an enjoyable business and a nice part tine earner.

Proud of her though I am – of anyone who builds a business online – this is probably the most limited type of online business you could choose. It’s labour intensive and therefore difficult to scale. Most solopreneur businesses are. Its quite time consuming too. Apart from the time taken to produce the items, they also have to be packaged and delivered. 

My own online business is as an affiliate marketer. I sell other people’s products and services for commission. Most of the things I promote are virtual rather than physical like training courses and video creation tools. They are paid for and delivered instantly. I can run this business from anywhere and I can expand it as much as I want whenever I want. 

Self Reliance Online 

Somewhere in between these two internet business models lies e-commerce where you sell physical products online (yours or someone elses). The difference is that you aren’t personally making the products. You also don’t need to store or deliver them as you can leverage platfroms like Amazon to do that for you.    

The key skills in all internet business models – and this is where the self reliance comes in – are in the art and science of marketing. When you’ve got those the digital economy is very much your oyster. Self reliance in a digital world means time, financial and location freedom. Its very worth having. 

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