Digital Experts Academy Gold Event

Digital Experts Academy Gold Event

As always after an SFM and DEA event the tributes, testimonials and photos are flooding in as you can see from the small collection of images that were posted on Facebook by Jay Kubassek yesterday. These are from the DEA Gold event this weekend. Having been at the previous event I can testify that is so much more than just a business meeting and rah-rah session like the ones you may have been to.  It’s certainly very different to any I’ve attended in the past.

Yes there is plenty of feel good stuff but not in the way its usually done – in a big conference room with lots of whoopin’ an a hollerin’ This is a boutique community of entrepreneurs you see. There is no objective to be the biggest company in the world in terms of numbers here, so the numbers at Six Figure Mentors  and Digital Experts Academy events are usually 50 -100. Being the best though is definitely on the agenda.

The SFM Online and Offline

This means that there’s a more inclusive feel to the proceedings and they have managed to achieve a genuine extended family atmosphere. This extends to social media and company forums and sub groups under the SFM/DEA umbrella, so that live meetings are a chance to catch up with people you usually only chat to in our other world – the Internet.

You might expect guys like Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek – neither of whom are strangers to addressing big audiences as “internet gurus” – to need a stage to “preach” from but they prefer to stay on ground level and just be cool. Since the events are 2 -3 days this also extends to lunch, dinner and drinks – no hiding in rooms between presentations for our boys – (except when they want to play table top football or arm wrestle for the cameras – all of which is filmed and made available for marketing purposes later)

SFM Events Venue

Venue of choice for all Six Figure Mentors events is the M4 Jct 4 holiday Inn at London, which is an ideal venue: Close to Heathrow and the city but not too close to busy traffic. The food’s good, the vents team are excellent and the rooms are pretty good value – especially if you book early.

With a mix of mindset and practical training workshops interspersed with networking and a spot of partying, the London events are intense in a good way. I certainly came back from Momentum day feeling inspired and motivated and with a kind of longing to get back with these people as soon as possible. As the SFM and DEA mantra goes – You are where you’re meant to be right now.