SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 Review

SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 Review

SFM Momentum Day UK – London April 2017

SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 ReviewThe SFM Momentum day UK event in London last weekend was the biggest and best yet. Actually it’s becoming a little superfluous to say that – getting bigger and better is just what they do! I don’t mean bigger in terms of number of attendees: I believe the 200 strong turnout was a record breaker for events that are deliberately kept as intimate as possible, but bigger in terms of vision. The internal team at SFM and DEA has also grown bigger to support that vision.

SFM Momentum day UK was held in the vast, 895 room Park Inn hotel and conference centre this time. As is now the norm, SFM momentum day UK followed the DEA, 3-day Platinum branding workshop. That makes for a pretty intense week for the SFM and DEA team and those attending. You’d never know it though. The energy at these events is always high. The DEA’s call to action and brand message – WAKE UP – in large carpet stickers led to the conference room.

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Proceedings on Saturday kicked off with an intro by leadership development and events co-ordinator JJ Jackson. He talked about the platinum workshop and introduced its Director Alex Eastman. Alex is co-founder Stuart Ross’s cousin and his passion for helping people build their legacy is obvious. Alex gave a hugely entertaining and informative presentation on health, happiness, success and quality of life – The theme of the event.

He also talked passionately about the cancer charity Victoria’s Promise, founded by himself and Stuart Ross following the premature death of his sister in 2015.

Who Needs Breaks? This is Momentum Day!

SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 Review

John (JJ) Jackson

Following Alex’s section, SFM momentum day UK continued after a short break (over-runs and short breaks are standard at SFM events – no one cares) Next up was the legend that is Jay Kubassek. Jay kicked off with a short video – prepared in the early hours, pre-event – featuring himself, filmed by steadicam from behind as he walked to the stage. Rendered in black and white ad voiced over by Jay it was really effective. I’m sure it will find its way into SFM and DEA marketing materials soon.

Jay’s section was textbook “Kuba” if there is such a thing. He has a point and it’s a good one. He gets there eventually and the journey is always fascinating. When I hear Jay on webinars or at live events I always identify with the way he presents. I feel the same sense of wonder at the digital world, technology and what we can all do with it. I also feel the frustration of trying to get this across to people “In a nutshell”.

Quality of Life, Influence And A Generous Sprinkle of Parsley…

SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 Review

Brian Parsley

Stuart Ross took to the stage next and continued the theme of Quality of Life. He talked about a road trip he and his girlfriend took recently in the US. One of the places they stayed was the Pretty Woman hotel in Beverly Hills. Both were stunned at how many unhappy couples they saw there. The point being that money (it’s a $3000 per night hotel) does not necessarily buy happiness.

Over running with the audience’s permission, Stuart went on to outline some of the many updates the company has in the pipeline. He hinted at a surprise buy out they have just engineered and at plans to build the existing SFM/DEA community into something better than “Fakebook”. The SFM team put a lot of the event out live so members who couldn’t get to London can some presentations on the SFM Momentum Day Facebook page.

The great Brian Parsley took the unenviable after lunch spot. Brian is a world famous speaker, business intelligence strategist and blah, blah, blah (his words – check his website) now working with SFM and DEA. This was the ideal remedy for that sleepy, after lunch, feeling.

Brian is one of the funniest (serious) speakers I’ve ever seen. He had us in stitches with his take on the subject of influence. Brian ended with a Skype call to his daughter so he and 200 strangers could sing Happy Birthday to her. Brian’s presentation was one of the major highlights of this SFM momentum day UK for me.

Summing Up An SFM Momentum Day UK Event Is Not Easy

SFM Momentum Day UK 2017 ReviewThe last presentation of the day was by Justin Woolf who joined DEA about a year ago. A protégé of Jay Kubassek’s first online success Academy, Justin is a leadership, marketing, life and business consultant. Justin looks after the SFM’s Elite curriculum and introduced some new marketing incentives.

I realise this is just a snapshot of the actual content within an SFM momentum day event. That’s really all I can give. It is difficult to get the buzz of the experience down on paper. There’s the hundreds of conversations, the renewed acquaintances, the meeting of people previously known only through social media..






I’ve now been to 4 SFM Momentum day UK events. Without fail I return from them hoarse from talking, inspired, recharged and yes.. slightly hung-over. These are not at all like run of the mill corporate events. The team may be growing, the backdrop, camera work and staging may be getting slicker, but the family vibe is still there.


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