Six Figure Mentors Overview

six figure mentors overview

Six Figure Mentors Overview And Options  

 six figure mentors overviewFirst of all there are two parts to the business: The Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy. The former was founded by Stuart Ross, the latter by Jay Kubassek. The two met after several years of independently building 6 and 7 online businesses and becoming sought after speakers, coaches and mentors.

Stuart Ross before venturing onto the internet world was already a successful estate agent earning a 6 figure income. Jay Kubassek was managing a Muffler (exhaust pipe) outlet after an austere upbringing on a Canadian Farm. Both discovered affiliate marketing and saw a way to replace and increase their incomes by mastering online sales. The motivation for both being to escape from the long hours and corporate mindset that had burned them out.

After the usual false starts with franchises and “opportunities” they both tracked down online marketing mentors. They studied and mastered the skills and systems they’d identified and began to build their empires. Some years later after meeting at an industry event they decided to team up and create a business geared towards teaching others how to replicate their success.

Six Figure Mentors Overview And Partnering Options

six figure mentors overviewAs a basic member of SFM you get access to your own back office. This contains a wealth of training and a host of marketing tools and resources. Basic members get an in depth overview on all aspects of digital marketing coupled with video training from Stuart Ross. Its a great place to start building the foundations to whatever online business you want to go on to. That doesn’t need to be with SFM or DEA.

New members are also required to work through a blueprint success module designed by Jay Kubassek. This ventures into the mindset areas of entrepreneurship and helps you set out your goals and objectives.

During this module you liaise regularly with a business coach before moving on to a live, web based orientation call with Jay.

The Digital Experts Academy Overview

six figure mentors overviewDuring that he clearly explains the options open to you as a partnering affiliate: The various levels with DEA, the compensation plan and the long-term strategy of positioning within the organisation. Following that, should you wish to look at partnering, you can schedule a consultation call with Mark Hayes, The DEA’s senior business consultant.

Mark prepares a one-year business plan for you based on that consultation. He takes into account your advertising budget (yes this is a business and has expenses – although compared to a traditional business the ROI is huge) and your income goal for that year. This is revised quarterly. The commission level you can earn depends on your timing at this stage. All of this is explained clearly. It gives you as a potential partner a clear picture of what happens next and of whether or not this is for you.

Should you decide that this is definitely the way you want to go you have various options. The partnership is based on 4 levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. Each level builds on the previous level, taking your education further toward the goal of becoming a professional digital marketer at the highest level of authority. Each level has a higher cost coupled with higher income potential.

I hope this Six Figure Mentors overview of how SFM and DEA work together has been useful. For more detail use the link below to sign up for their free 7-day video series.