The Truth About SFM and DEA

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The Truth About SFM and DEA

As a company or organisation grows arms and legs as SFM and DEA  (Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy) have over the last 6 years, the online chatter inevitably increases. The thing about online chatter though is that it’s pretty much an open range. That means that an increasing amount of that chatter will be negative as well as positive. Negativity for some reason is easier and has always been more attractive in the online space at least. People will read umpteen great reviews about X and 1 negative comment and the negative is often enough for people to say “Right that’s it – I thought so!” Another truth about the web is that you WILL find exactly what you go looking for.

The founders and members of SFM and DEA are hardly shrinking violets and certainly don’t need me to defend them. But I’m kind of loyal to people and products that have proved their worth to me many times over. That being said, here’s my take on the type of negative comments I’m seeing more of than I used to. Putting that in perspective: When I was doing my due diligence before becoming a member and affiliate of SFM and DEA 4 years ago, negative reviews were scarce. Now I see or hear about a few. That’s partly a numbers game and every public figure or successful business gets them. What I see mainly though when I look at the – still rare – negative content around them is based on misconception and/or sour grapes.

Transparency Vs Hype

The Truth About SFM and DEAMisconception spreads on the internet sometimes deliberately, by those with axes to grind, sometimes innocently by those who just haven’t got all the facts. Why would you have an axe to grind? Well for starters there is money involved and hard work required. Internet business marketers  have traditionally concentrated more on the first than the second. That’s led to a pervasive myth that you can buy a magic button that will somehow make you money just because you’ve spent some. Neither SFM or DEA could ever be accused of pandering to that well worn and frankly worthless marketplace.

Six Figure Mentors charge a monthly fee for access to their multi-million dollar suite of affiliate marketing tools. These provide a one-stop shop where you can: Build and host multiple websites, create professional graphics, landing pages, sales funnels and thank you pages. There are video tools, bespoke plugins, a digital skills video library, a host of tutorials and other resources. Also included are reseller rights to the membership platform itself and a wealth of ready-made marketing materials you can use to promote and earn income from as an SFM Affiliate. There are no tie-ins so you can leave at any time and for any reason.

How SFM AND DEA Work Together

The Truth About SFM and DEADigital Experts Academy offers more advanced internet marketing training and mentorship on 4 franchise-like partnership levels. Each level focuses on different aspects of internet business with increasingly advanced training. These are products you pay for once – unlike SFM there are no ongoing fees. Like SFM however these offer very lucrative affiliate reseller commissions. The big picture is a progression from newbie affiliate marketer to full time internet entrepreneur.

As the old saying goes though – You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – a more modern version might be you can buy a gym membership but no one can make you go. It’s exactly the same with an education course – if you don’t use what you learn how can you expect results? Although the company’s marketing materials – a free 7 part video series – make it abundantly clear that there are no guarantees and that there is no get rich quick scheme here (or any such thing) that mindset persists. Some of the negative stuff I’ve seen is along the lines of “I paid my fees for 8 months and never made a penny!” In my experience that’s because they did’t do the work. “What! You need to do work?” Bear in mind also that very few businesses online or offline break even in year one and cost much more to start.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

To then be bitter and twisted about it makes no sense to this canny scotsman but I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen SFM and DEA members fully commit to their education and business and make their first million in a year. Perhaps more to the point they’ve been able to build a better lifestyle outside of the 9-5 grind as I have. I’ve seen others invest at the highest level and walk away after a few months having done nothing with it. To me this is baffling but it happens. I’ve actually discussed this with SFM and DEA co-founder Stuart Ross and we agree that the only explanation is that some people have more money than sense.

Another, frankly ridiculous, point of view that I’ve seen on comments on my own Youtube channel goes along these lines: No wonder Stuart and Jay are millionaires with all those membership fees coming in for training and resources you can get elsewhere for free. My answer to the first part – It’s a business!! if they weren’t successful why would anyone listen to them, or join their business? To the second part – You really need to know what the training and resources actually are. Usually the people making these statements don’t. From personal experience nothing free is much good (and is usually a taster followed by an up-sell) As mentioned also, SFM and DEA members have reseller rights to the same products they buy so can cover their own costs by applying what they learn and using the tools provided.

Playing A Big Game

As you’ll have gathered and as I stated anyway, I am a loyal SFM member and DEA Gold partner. That said no organisation is perfect and there are always things that could be improved. One of the things that earns my loyalty is that the founders are the first to admit this. They have consistently improved on their offering and done what they have said they will do. Sometimes this takes a lot longer that anyone would like but sometimes that’s the nature of the beast. It can take time for a great idea to go through the mill of technology, compliance, legality and adaptation. I know this from my past experience in the events industry and I didn’t have to cater for thousands of students and affiliates scattered across umpteen countries and timezones.

The thing that set these guys apart for me when I first came across them via their video series and ever since is transparency. I’d seen the other side of the coin having previously invested in an e-commerce business and an online advertising business opportunity. Both had shown me the advantages and huge potential of an online business but had also highlighted the pitfalls of A. very bad “free” training and B. The get rich quick mindset. I was lucky enough not to be left out of pocket in either case and came out of them showing a profit. But I had learned enough to recognise the real deal when I saw it.

Meeting SFM And DEA

The Truth About SFM and DEAAs an SFM and or DEA member you have ample opportunity to meet with the founders and their growing team of experts since they are more or less permanently on tour. When they are not delivering live events and workshops in the UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere they are delivering the goods online through webinars, masterminds and streamed events. You are also part of an expanding community of new and experienced online entrepreneurs. This has actually evolved into more of a movement than just A.N. Other internet training programme or affiliate scheme.

Going into business is a risk. There are no guarantees and you should be very wary of anyone offering you one. That said an internet business in this day and age is a safer bet than a traditional business. Even a high end online business like SFM andDEA offer requires a comparatively low investment. It is very easy to set up and requires nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. The potential to diversify, scale and automate an online business just can’t be touched by a traditional business. SFM and DEA offer a flexible, all inclusive platform to leverage the huge opportunities of the digital economy.

But please don’t take my word – or anyone else’s for that matter. Make up your own mind based on actual facts. You can access the free video series I’ve mentioned on the link below. You can now even take a 30 day trial of the SFM’s full platform at no cost.


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