Some of The Advantages of Working Online

Advantages Of Working Online Independently

advantages of working onlineI wanted to write about the advantages of working online today. I’ve been doing it full time now for a little over a year and can recommend it. If you are thinking of starting an online business I hope this will give you an insight into some of the advantages of working online – for yourself that is – an advantage in its own right.

I’m Writing about the advantages of working online today from the waiting room at the Southern General Hospital  in Glasgow. My dad needed a lift here and while I wait I thought  I’d get some work done. I’m just using an iPad. In theory there is wifi here but unfortunately it’s too weak to be actually useable. That’s ok though as I can still get some writing done.

With a better signal I could be placing adverts, checking email or doing some social media. I still love the fact that I can be productive here though. I could also catch up with some reading or training. So the laptop lifestyle doesn’t necessarily require me to actually be online at all times.


Working Online From Virtually Anywhere.

Whilst free wifi is commonplace these days, in public spaces like hospital waiting rooms it’s not usually too reliable. Obviously with a dongle or by using a phone connection things would be better but so far I haven’t felt the need. The idea of being permanently connected doesn’t really appeal to me. There are many advantages to working online but you really do need to disconnect at times!

One of the advantages of working online is that there are loads of places these days offering wifi. Technically speaking its free but you can’t really expect to sit in a cafe or bar for hours without buying something. Not a problem when you’ve got some online traction and are making money but maybe best avoided till then. All those cappuccinos and lunches can eat into your budget and you’d be better off spending that on business building.

The whole point of working this way is to escape the sat at a desk scenario but it’s easy to fall back into that trap. It’s very important then to mix things up a bit even it that just means varying the room your in when working at home. It’s surprising how much a simple change of scene can keep you motivated. Move out of the home office and work from the lounge or kitchen for a change. Keep the cafe for a special treat.

You really have to embrace the advantages of working online to get the most out of it. If you organise all your bookmarks and logins you genuinely are able to work from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. It makes no sense not to. Whilst a good laptop is the best option, a tablet or even a smartphone can get the job done.

The most common tasks for an Internet marketer are researching audiences, placing and testing ads, blogging and shooting videos. All of that can be done more or less anywhere. Being out and about while you work can be very good for business. You never know when you’ll see or hear something that can be used in your marketing. It’s about people after all.

All Kinds of People Are Seeing the Advantages of Working Online 

I have to say that having worked online for a year now my concept of holidays has also changed. With much more time freedom there is no need to shoehorn holidays into allotted times. It’s not a full time job so if you feel like getting away for a while you can still look after business. I’ve kept my business ticking over from rented apartments in Italy, France, Lanzarote and Tenerife. Doing an hour or two of work isn’t much of a trade off for this kind of flexibility.

advantages of working onlineFlexibility in fact is one of the biggest advantages of working online. I’m able to take days off to suit my partners schedule or, like today, to take the old man to hospital for example. I know plenty of work from home mums who find the flexibility to be there for the kids a total godsend. I know other online marketers who spend most of their time travelling. They buy one way tickets and have completely open ended travel plans.

You could sum up the advantages of working online with one word really: Options. There are so many. Aside from the examples above there are many. One of our goals is to relocate abroad. As soon as the business has grown sufficiently that will be entirely possible. All that’s needed is a broadband connection. With the low price of property in countries like France or Spain we would be cash buyers. The ability to generate income independently makes this a realistic option.

So there is my brief summary on the advantages of working online. Started in a hospital waiting room and finished in my living room. My business is growing steadily thanks to the training, business systems and mentoring that comes with my Six Figure Mentors membership.

If you think this sounds like an attractive lifestyle and would like to know more about how it can be done click the link below. This will get you a series of 7 complimentary videos that will leave you in no doubt about the advantages of working online.

advantages of working online