Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Now

Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

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Why you should become an entrepreneur was explained beautifully by A friend of mine yesterday in a short but inspiring video. I don’t want to simply copy and paste his message but I do want to share what he said.

Johan, like myself is a member of the Six Figure Mentors and as such is busy building his online business. It’s basically a journey from the traditional economy to the digital economy and as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, its been fascinating to share Johan’s and many other people’s journeys to become an entrepreneur through their video and blog content.

What Johan said in just a couple of minutes was this: The traditional economy is failing many of us badly – it’s a bit like the titanic – sinking slowly but surely . On the other hand the digital economy is thriving and going from strength to strength. This is why you should become an entrepreneur. Sooner or later in fact you may have to.

By making the transition, jumping into a lifeboat if you will (and this time there’s room for everyone ) and starting an online business we are playing a part in saving the world. That might sound dramatic but I and many smarter people than me truly believe that.

This has always been the role of the entrepreneur. It’s the entrepreneurs who see the future, take the risks and build new things. We are living in a new age of the entrepreneur – the digital entrepreneur. There has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur and its never been easier.

Everyone Wants to Become an Entrepreneur These days

In the days of the industrial revolution mechanisation was the god. In the digital revolution it’s technology. We are ultra – reliant on technology now. It’s making our lives easier and less labour intensive and it gets more user friendly every day.

There’s an app for everything and we are seeing more and more adverts for website hosting, building and development. Everyone wants their piece of online real estate. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur it seems.

Another SFM member ( a very successful business consultant who is making the transition himself) recently posted about the weightless economy – here’s the definition:

A portion of the economy which exchanges intangible services and products, including software, databases and intellectual property. There are at least two key features of the weightless economy. First, products have a high initial cost to develop, but a very low cost to reproduce and distribute. Second, products can be distributed infinitely. These two factors mean that the weightless economy can be among the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of business.


The weightless economy is also described by some as a feature of a knowledge economy, where knowledge is widely traded as an intangible product, not just used as a tool to manufacture physical products. In such an economy, an individual who possesses that ability to produce intangible products through creativity and know-how is able to grow wealthy even without possessing significant economic resources. This aspect of the weightless economy is demonstrated by the stories of Apple and Microsoft, among others.

Quoted from Investopedia – http://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/weightless-economy.asp

Good reasons to leverage current technology and become an entrepreneur don’t you think?

It Has Never Been Easier to Become an Entrepreneur

become an entrepreneurSo you see the digital or weightless economy is nothing new. What is new is that it’s now a very open playing field. That’s why so many people are making the move. To become an entrepreneur is no longer a high risk lifestyle choice. It’s no longer just for the young. It’s also no longer just for the tech savvy early adopters. Technology has advanced far beyond the point where it’s difficult to learn or use.

The SFM and DEA founders are on a mission to educate people about this stuff. They’ve been immersed in it for over 10 years and have shown hundreds of their students how to follow their lead and become an entrepreneur. Its progress pure and simple and it’s unstoppable.

To become an entrepreneur in the digital economy means learning some new skills and using new systems and strategies. SFM and DEA have created a turnkey educational platform that provides everything the budding digital entrepreneur could ever need. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur in the world of affiliate marketing or by creating your own “weightless products” they have a lot to offer.

You can get their 7-day introductory video series by simply clicking the link below. Its an eye-opening glimpse into why you should become an entrepreneur right now.


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