Best Business Model Right Now

best business model

Best Business Model To Start With 

best business modelI’d argue that the best business model for a start up in our current times has to be online affiliate marketing. In this post I’ll go through the reasons why I think it’s better than a franchise for those looking to buy rather than build a business from scratch. I’ll also share a valuable resource for anyone looking to start a business in these times of technological overload.

First of all what is online affiliate marketing? Put simply it’s selling products and services that already exist for commission. It’s sort of like a franchise but much better. For someone starting with limited capital and or experience, the franchise model used to be the best business model but times have changed.

Most decent franchise opportunities come with a lot of restrictions: Limited range of products, dated marketing support. They can be expense to get into and difficult to get out of. I started my own business journey with a franchise but as many do, found I’d really just bought myself a job. That’s not exactly what I’d envisioned being an entrepreneur would be like. In comparison an affiliate business offers flexibility, choice and infinite scaleability.

What Should The Best Business Model Provide?

It was as I mentioned, difficult to get out of but I managed to do that and then discovered the online affiliate business model. I’ve been doing that now for several happy years.

Most people start a business to create more independence, and control into their lives. It stands to reason then that the best business model is one that offers that. If it can also offer location and time freedom at the same time so much the better. Affiliate marketing is in my experience the only model that offers all of that and that almost anyone can do, regardless of age, experience and budget.

Marketing goods and services on the Internet is one of the miracles of our times. It’s where most of us now look for information for a start. The places we look for it also offer the Internet entrepreneur an abundance of useful information and opportunities to get our sales messages across to millions of people on a global basis.

best business modelThe tools we can use to do that enable us to sell goods and services to the people who are looking for them from anywhere. We can also automate a lot of the sales process so that it happens regardless of whether we are working or not. It even happens when we are asleep. If that’s not the best business model available, please tell me what is.

This gets even better when we choose wisely the type of products and services we want to sell as affiliate marketers. The choice is vast – anything you can think of can be sold online. Currently I sell guitar lessons and products, energy saving products and best of all digital education products.

The Best Business Model Is Able to Move With The Times

None of these require me to hold and manage stock. I don’t need to offer personal support or to be any particular place at any particular time. There’s no need for an office or staff. I don’t need to travel anywhere unless I want to. Most importantly for me I  don’t need to put in a lot of hours to run any of them. That’s my definition of the best business model without a shadow of doubt.

I also don’t need to chase customers, spend time on the phone with them or spend fortunes on hit or miss advertising to get new ones. I can create as many new affiliate income streams as I want or have time for. Its basically a cut and paste process. I’ll say it again – this is the best business model I’ve ever seen.

Over the next few years billions more people will come online looking for goods, services and information. It’s a unimaginably huge market already and its only going to get bigger. If you have the skills and business systems in place to leverage this, the world is pretty much your oyster.

I promised to share a valuable resource with you if this has got you excited. It’s the platform I use myself and provides all the tools, training and systems I need. Promoting this online has also become my primary business. learning and teaching digital skills is now one of the biggest industries on the planet.

The platform is SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy). It offers the best education you’ll find anywhere on the best business model there is. Start by clicking the banner below to get yourself their free video series – it’ll really open your eyes to what’s possible.

best business model
By Dave Menzies