Building An Internet Business Safely

building an internet business

The Best Foundation For Building An Internet Business

building an internet businessThe best foundation for building an internet business on depends a lot on your personal situation. The main thing you need to consider is how to retain an income while you do it. I’m part of a community of internet entrepreneurs and I know that there are lots of ways to do it. I’ll tell you from experience how I did it.

When I made the move I’d been made redundant after a 12 year career. So on top of some savings I also got 4 months paid garden leave and a modest settlement pay out. My partner had just started a driving instruction business, which was beginning to grow. So for us it really was a now or never scenario. I had the money and time.

The option, and I know many people who have done this, was for me to find another job or some freelance work to get some regular income coming in to fund building an internet business. Personally I’m an all or nothing person and also the idea of doing a full day’s work only to come home and start working again doesn’t appeal.

I did do the odd bit of freelance photography and audio-visual work and I was also able to source a little funding. If you are made redundant – especially if you are over 40 – do some research and see if there is anything available in your area. You might be surprised.

Building An Internet Business – Funding It

building an online businessSo really the options are to start building an Internet business in spare time around a job or to find the start up funds and living expenses elsewhere. Traditionally people starting an old style, bricks and mortar business have had to take on a lot of risk or debt – usually both. You’ll be glad to know that an Internet based business doesn’t require huge start up capital. It can be run on a shoestring to start with and scaled gradually by re investing some of the profits wisely.

For me having a partner or spouse who was able to (and prepared to) fund the household expenses for a period of time while I went about building an Internet business was a huge advantage. The fact that the internet business is now well on the way to funding her early retirement helps. Meantime, the skills I’ve learned along the way have been used to grow her business substantially.

I know quite a few husband and wife teams who started this way and now both run the online business.

As a side note: Since an internet business can be run from anywhere we have also been able to relocate to a beautiful rural setting on the west coast of Scotland. We have a bigger and better house and a nicer standard of living. Ironically it also drastically cut our day to day expenses. Location freedom is one of the huge advantages of an online business.

Keeping It Simple

Starting an Internet business is fairly simple – especially using the platform I’ll share with you later in the post. Building an internet business can take some time however. I’d argue that the best place to start is as an affiliate marketer. That means you earn commission by promoting other peoples goods and services online.

The products are already there, the marketing materials are already there and if you choose wisely, comprehensive training and support will also be in place. My advice would be to choose a high-ticket affiliate partnership with a progressive sales funnel in place. That means you will earn commissions from initial sales and any future enhanced sales. You should also look for partnerships that include residual, automatic income streams that over time provide a steady income – the bigger sales being the gravy on top. Both are essential for building an Internet business that can be scaled.

Best Way To Start Building

The other great thing about the affiliate model is that when you know what you’re doing it’s simple to add other products and services to your portfolio. Since the main cost in building an internet are for advertising, choosing higher value products and services will ensure a much better ROI. It can actually be harder and less profitable to sell cheap stuff.

Building an online business is a bit like building a jigsaw. I don’t know about you, but if I was building a jigsaw I’d want all of the pieces in one box. That’s what I got when I chose to partner with the SFM and DEA. They provide with all of the essentials I’ve mentioned: Advanced digital marketing training delivered in a step by step, easy to follow way; Residual income streams; A high commission product suite; Incredible levels of support; Tools, resources and business systems.

Building an Internet business with them has been hugely enjoyable, extremely rewarding and without a doubt, life changing for me and my partner. As the platform is run in a community style I’ve also made a lot of new friends and associates. I was introduced to them by subscribing to their free 7-day video series. Get it yourself by clicking the link the below.

building an online business

By Dave Menzies