Building Momentum In Your Business

Building momentum in your business

Building Momentum In Your Business – Keeping the Snowball Rolling… 

Building momentum in your businessBuilding momentum in your business is key to it’s survival. It’s about taking it from the feast or famine stage to regular profits that can be built on. The other reason that building momentum in your business is that momentum is hard to stop. It’s a bit like the snowball analogy – as it rolls it gets bigger and faster.

I’ve just booked my tickets, flights and accommodation for the upcoming SFM Momentum day in London. These are regular events, which happen in the UK, Australia and the USA. As the name suggests they are all about building momentum in your business – in this case online business. They never fail to live up to their name.

An online business has the advantage of being run from home or anywhere a laptop can be connected the internet. Blissful as this is it can be easy to lose momentum especially for the solo entrepreneur. So events like SFM’s momentum days are serve several purposes.

Building Momentum In Your Business – Live Events

For one things it’s always great to spend time with a businesses founders both during presentations and workshops and socially. Momentum days are a nice blend of both. Updates and news are always shared first at live events. – from the horses mouth so to speak.

There’s also the networking side of things. Online marketers in a business community obviously do a lot of online networking but nothing beats face to face interaction. Meeting people in the flesh who until then have just been characters in videos or on Facebook profiles is very cool. Friendships and business collaborations are formed in the breaks and at the bar in the evenings.

The online world attracts a seriously diverse range of individuals each with their own set of skills and talents. That leads to a refreshingly competition free atmosphere: Everyone may well be promoting some of the same products each does it their own way and to very different markets.

  Like Minded People Power 

So instead of a situation where everyone is keeping their cards close to the chest in case a competitor steals them you get the opposite. You find a willingness to share. That too is great for building momentum in your business.

So a day or two spent with like minded people, mentors, peers and business leaders building momentum is time extremely well spent. If you’re struggling with something in your business you can probably solve it. When you’ve become complacent it’s like a kick up the ass. If you spend most of your time running a business from home on your own it’s just good to get with the human race again!

As a weird bonus, which I can’t really explain, every time I make travel plans I make more money. It’s something to do with commitment (also essential for building momentum in business) I think. I was interviewed by SFM’s Martyn Hickey on Skype recently and talked about how important it is to attend live events for building moment in your business. I could hardly then not turn up at the next one! Especially when its paid for by my commissions!

Click on the link below to watch the video I shot of my SFM Momentum day 2014 experience.

building momentum in your business

By Dave Menzies