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mlm network marketing

Mlm Network Marketing – Good Times, Bad Times

mlm network marketingMlm network marketing seems to suit some people as a business model. Some thrive on recruiting friends and family, doing home parties or hotel presentations. For me though it’s a flawed model. I’ve been to a few of those meetings. I have even been involved with an online business that used multi level marketing as an option. Its not for me though and here’s why.

I guess it’s the phrase NFL – no friends left, that sums up mlm network marketing for me. I know a lot of people who do it – some very successfully and I’m in no way having a go at them. They’ve been at it for years though. They have big, loyal teams that follow them from one opportunity to the next.

For someone looking to get started with a home based business however I wouldn’t recommend it. There are easier and much more profitable ways to make money online from home. The truth about MlM is that it’s a real churn and burn business model to get started with.

You really do have to start with nothing. Hence the need to badger friends and family. Then when you do get someone to join your mlm network marketing business the real work starts. You need to keep them motivated for a start. Your business relies on your downline after all. If they aren’t recruiting people to the business under them it all starts to get messy.

It’s a very hard game and it’s often very difficult to retain people and keep the thing building. Added to that you generally need a substantial network before you start to make enough money for it to be viable. People in the downline don’t pull their weight. Some leave due to lack of quick results. It can be a tough game.

 The Downline Conundrum

Experienced MLM network marketing professionals take this in their stride. They just move on to the next person – like the traditional sales mantra – keep knocking the doors.

Very often the pitch for an multi level marketing opportunity will be something like: You only need five good people under you. If each of them can just 5 and so on then you’ll see a superb return. In an ideal world that’s often true but much easier said than done. I’ve personally found that when I float an Mlm opportunity past the modest network of home workers I know they’ve  been approached already. Often they have either already joined or passed on it.

That’s testament to the established team leaders in the industry with the big reach. The same names crop up time and time again.

That being said, if you are sold on the Mlm idea there are better ways to grow an mlm network marketing business these days. It doesn’t have to be about banging the phones or knocking the doors all day long. There is a lot to be said for the personal touch but there’s also a lot to be said for automation.

Mlm Network Marketing Alternatives And Automation 

Personally I think online affiliate marketing is a far better business model than mlm network marketing as a starting point. But the same processes, systems and approach can be used to grow an mlm business too. It’s simply a case of leveraging the internet’s power to reach millions of potential customers rather than a phone, email or Skype to reach handfuls.

You can use that to promote your goods and services whatever they may be Digital, physical or team based business opportunity products can all be sold online with a high degree of automation.

Online super affiliate marketer and co-creator of the Six Figure Mentors, Stuart Ross explains this brilliantly in his video “An alternative to MLM downlines”. He’s talking form experience incidentally as his first failed business involved cold calling and “chasing his tail 24/7”.

Catch that video on the link below. And you’ll have the opportunity to also get 7 free training videos from him explaining how he’s been able to build multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure online businesses with his approach. He also explains how his company has shown thousands of people how to leverage the internet in the same way.

mlm network marketing

By Dave Menzies