Running an Online Business in a Hazelnut Shell

What’s Running an online Business Really Like?

Running an online business is attractive to many but also a scary prospect. It’s refreshing to escape from the hype and oversell that sometimes goes with the territory. This afternoon Satya Gillen as part of her Hazelnut interviews series interviewed me – via Google hangout. I felt quite privileged, as she’s done a “Hazelnut” with some very high profile SFM and DEA members including Stuart Ross himself. Secretly I had been hoping she’d ask and so was chuffed when she did yesterday during a chat on Skype.

Why Hazelnut? In Satya’s Own words “ The Hazelnut is a symbol of wisdom in Irish Mythology. These intimate interviews with online entrepreneurs are designed to crack open the shell open, extract their wisdom and share their knowledge and insights”. A good place to do some research on running an online business then.

Satya is an SFM member building her own online business and is also a freelance Irish gaelic (Gaeilge) translator. Her motivations for doing so are to give her more time freedom to go on long  meditational retreats to far flung places.The hazelnut series is fascinating as it demonstrates in a very honest way that the people using the SFM platform to build their ideal lifestyles are as varied as their reasons for wanting to do so.

Anyone who can see the attraction of working online from home, from anywhere you can pug in to the web in fact, will find these interviews invaluable. They debunk many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the industry and running an online business in general. They also show the SFM and DEA platform from a wide variety of perspectives without resorting to anything remotely hypey.

In Satya’s interview with Co-founder Stuart Ross he endorses her approach and the value of her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to an industry typified by images of flashy sports cars and enormous wealth.

The fact is that if you want that you can have it but many people are simply looking for more time freedom and lifestyle choice. It’s all possible in this new economy. It’s simply where we are now but it can be difficult to grasp that if you don’t personally know any of the people who have embraced this fact. It can be difficult to understand what they actually do.

The Hazelnut Interviews go along way to redress that and long may they continue.

You can find out more about the SFM and DEA’s unique educational platform and philosophy and practical approach to running an online business with a free series of videos on the link below.

running an online business


Running an Online Business in a Hazelnut Shell

By Dave Menzies 

running an online business