Setting Up An Online Business Fast

Setting Up An Online Business The SFM Way 

setting up an online business

Setting up an online business is nowhere near as hard as you might think – with the right help. SFM co-founder Stuart Ross has recorded a series of videos, which now feature on the dashboard of members back offices. They are in a Q n A format and answer many of the most commonly asked questions about the SFM approach and running an online business in general. Since the SFM system is designed from the ground up to make things as easy and fast as possible, lets look at that.

The SFM system itself is very comprehensive. It includes everything the internet marketer and business owner needs to get started: Websites, Blogging platforms, list building and tools to create landing pages, thank you pages, sales funnels, graphics creators and a raft of other essential tools.

If you are interested in joining their affiliate business – a franchise style, ”business in a box”, things get even better. You then have access to all of their marketing materials, support systems, community and ongoing high end mentorship and training. This is invaluable stuff for anyone looking at setting up an online business.

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Watch video on Youtube HERE if you prefer

There’s a lot to set up but SFM have organised everything in a modular, step-by-step format that any one can follow. Whether you are there for advanced Internet marketing training to market your own or other affiliate products, or to make SFM your main, high-ticket business, the process is the same.

The Fast Track To Setting Up An Online Business

setting up an online businessAs Stuart Explains, the time it takes is largely down to the amount of time you have to follow the steps and get it done. The rough average for setting up an online business or businesses with the SFM system is around 2 weeks. The SFM approach takes into account that many of their members are in full or part time employment (which they are looking to escape from) so it can obviously take longer depending on time constraints.

That said, it really as simple a process as is possible. Over the last 6 months the system has been developed so that new members have to complete one module before unlocking the next. That’s a very good idea because skipping ahead is very counter productive.

However long it takes for an individual to follow the setting up steps, when they are completed they have a turnkey digital marketing system that can be used to market anything online.

Setting Up An Online Business To Rinse And Repeat

This includes an authority website, a blogging platform, and all of the nuts and bolts tools needed to easily and quickly build online marketing materials. These are contained within the included Digital Business Lounge. On top of all that an SFM members back office contains a plethora of training on all aspects of digital marketing. A host of resources and links to where best to apply that training can also be found.

If you join SFM as a business you have the advantage of using their own marketing banners, sales funnels and meticulously produced landing, thank you and sales pages. Bear in mind that these have cost several million dollars to produce. The industries top copywriters, graphic designers and technical experts have created them. Setting up an online business would definitely be harder and a lot more expensive without all this.

This is a top to tail digital marketing system that once set up can be applied to selling anything online. It’s the digital marketing equivalent of the plumber’s toolbag, or the surgeon’s operating theatre.

Learn more about the SFM system, community and modern entrepreneurs university by signing up for their free 7 day video bootcamp on the link below.


setting up an online business


By Dave Menzies