So You Hate Your Job

You Hate Your Job But Need An Escape Plan?

hate your jobIf you hate your job you are part of a very large group of people. A Google search on that phrase brings up around half a billion results. It’s a situation I was in myself and for reasons you can probably relate to, stuck with it for far too long. Very few people in that position can realistically do what they really want to – tell the boss to shove it and walk out – but you can start on an escape plan.

The trouble is that even when you hate your job it does provide an income. You use that to get yourself mortgages, loans, cars, credit cards, to feed the family. You are then completely reliant on that job and the thought of losing all that stuff keeps you there. Basically you feel trapped. So what realistic options are there?

Escape Plan A or B?

hate your jobIf it’s not actually the job itself you hate but the boss, the location, the commute, the culture, maybe you can get the same kind of job somewhere else. If it is the job itself then really you need to look at further education or re-skilling for a completely different job.

The other option of course is to take yourself out of the job mentality completely and start a business. So many people want to do this and have great ideas but never do it.

Here are the top 6 reasons they don’t from a UK survey of 2000 adults conducted by Barclays:



  • Lack Of Funds
  • Not KnowingWhere To Start
  • Lack Of Confidence
  • Not having The Right Knowledge
  • Not having Access To Right Tools/Equipment
  • Lack Of Space

But this is 2016 and we are in a period of time where we can actually destroy these excuses (that’s all they are) completely: By leveraging the internet.

Here’s how an internet based business solves those worries whether you have some or all of them.

  • Funding - Ever Googled how to get a business grant? Or checked local councils, business gateways etc in your area? I did and managed to secure grants, awards, help with business plans and funding for my Internet based home business (more on that later) An internet business is now a very realistic option that is taken seriously by funding bodies, lenders and start-up support groups.
  • Where To Start – With a modern business model known as affiliate marketing you can promote other people's products for commission. Meaning you don't need to know how to sell, be techie, or deal with customers or carry stock…
  • Confidence - Worse case scenario: You fail your way forward? If you really hate your job surely its better to try than spend more years wondering... if only I’d tried… (Incidentally the resource I’ll share later - Six Figure Mentors provide tools and strategies to master confidence and self-belief)
  • Knowledge - a digital marketing education is future proof knowledge - a practical education better than a University can ever hope to deliver. It takes way less time to learn and at a fraction of the time and financial cost... I know several people who have seriously regretted the time and money they spent on degrees after finding this.
  • Right Tools - in the online world (of the future) Six Figure Mentors include the necessary tools in their monthly membership
  • No Space – Probably the easiest one – If you have room for a laptop you have enough space. It’s self-contained and needs no special premises or equipment.


Hate Your Job - No More Excuses

hate your jobWhen I started my online business over 3 years ago I had the same worries as listed above. I found the funding I needed online as I suggest here. The rest I found with the resource I mentioned earlier – Six Figure Mentors.

If you hate your job and would love to run a business I’d suggest this is probably the best way to do it. The Internet is undoubtedly the best place to do it in today’s world. These guys have developed an earn as you learn platform that lets you make the transition as fast or gradual as you want.

Check out their current free trial offer and get a complimentary 7-day video training series into the bargain on the link below.


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