Starting a Business in 2015?

starting a business in 2015

Starting a Business in 2015?- Why It’s Got To Be Online

starting a business in 2015If you plan on starting a business in 2015 you won’t be alone. Richard Branson predicted that 2014 would be the year of the entrepreneur and in many ways he was spot on. Record numbers of people did just that in 2014. Many of those people were outside the “normal” age groups and backgrounds associated (till now) with new entrepreneurs. I think in 2015 that trend will continue and expand.

Accessible technology makes starting a business in 2015 and beyond a much more attractive proposition than ever before. A large portion of those who did it in 2014 started online businesses. The Internet is by a million miles the most cost effective, easiest and fastest place to bring a new business into profit.

A few years back starting an online business would have required a firm grasp of technology and was therefore only something young people would consider. Starting a business in 2015 in the digital world is much easier. Most of us are already using modern technology every day on a level that is easily enough to do business online.

So with the technological barriers gone, or easily overcome with a little extra learning an online business is really just a business. It does though have a lot of advantages over a traditional business.

Why Starting a Business in 2015 Online Is The Smart Move

starting a business in 2015Start up costs are very low

You need a computer – a laptop will do – A connection to the internet and some products to sell. They don’t even need to be your own products.

You don’t need dedicated premises.

Most online businesses are run from home. You need a few other bits and pieces – it’s a business after all so a printer a filing cabinet and the usual office stationery might be handy. Depending on how you decide to do your online marketing, you might need some other things: A camera for videos, some additional software maybe. You probably have most of that already.

You don’t need staff.

Most online businesses are run by one person or by a couple. Because you are not handling physical products or working in the traditional world you just don’t need employees unless you plan to build an e-commerce, web store style business. Many of the tasks involved can be outsourced cheaply if needs be but that’s on an ad-hoc basis.

It doesn’t need to be full-time.

Certainly not at first. The process of doing direct sales online can be largely automated. It needs to be because it’s a 24 hour, 7 days a week, world wide business. It would be impossible to be physically present on that basis. Digital marketing is a set and forget process. The work happens at the front end – setting up campaigns and sales funnels, creating and distributing content. Then it’s all about monitoring, managing and tweaking the results.

Starting A Business In 2015 – Not Just A Hobby

These are some of the reasons that starting a business in 2015 – on the Internet – is so attractive. You do however still need to treat it as a business and not a hobby. That’s where a lot of people come unstuck. It’s easy to learn how to digital marketing and it can be a lot of fun. Getting good at it is a different animal.

Like with any business, being your own boss can be a double-edged sword. Especially when working at home, distractions are everywhere. With no one to keep you focussed on money producing activities it’s easy to waste time. A lot of the fun stuff in digital marketing – creating graphics, making videos, building landing pages and websites, whilst fairly easy these days, can eat up a ton of time that could be used more productively.

That’s where the business head comes in. Entrepreneurs online or offline need to make the best use of their best resource – themselves. Another huge advantage of the digital world is that outsourcing things that take too much time is cheap and easy. You need to learn to spend your time productively with an online business.

Using A Fast Vehicle 

starting a business in 2015This is where the SFM really comes into it’s own as a massive resource for starting a business n 2015 – an online business that is. Their systems and training provide everything you need to set up and run an online business and to repeat the process as many times as you want to.

They have systems and tools that make the marketing process faster, easier and more effective. They provide ongoing training, mentoring and coaching to keep you on the right track and their community based business model means you are never alone as you build the business.

They also provide high ticket, direct sales partnership options – a ready made, franchise style business in a box – as an ideal starting point. That way you have millions of dollars worth of ready made marketing materials and products to sell. With a dedicated team of professionals doing the sales for you and a host of high demand products to promote you can concentrate on the marketing and led generation training you are receiving.

So if you are planning on starting a business in 2015 seriously consider doing it online and seriously consider SFM as your vehicle – a Ferrari.

Find out more about SFM by getting their free series of information videos on the link below.

starting a business in 2015

Update: It’s now 2019 and reading through this again it’s still valid. SFM have gone from strength to strength. They have updated and expanded their curriculum, added more live events in more countries and are still IMHO the best “all in one place” platform for internet success.

By Dave Menzies