Taking Time To Recharge

Taking Time to Recharge Yourself – 4 Big Reasons Why You Must

taking time to recharge

Taking time to recharge yourself by detaching yourself from all media for at least one day a week is a definite necessity for the following reasons. This is definitely true for an online business but its probably a good idea in general. As the world continues to become more digital and electronics continue to rule our lives we just need to unplug sometimes. Here are some reasons why taking time to recharge the old mental and spiritual and physical batteries is a good idea.

For the good of:

  1. Your eyesight! – might seem obvious but squinting at computers, tablets and phones for hours per day takes its toll on the old eyeballs. If you find that your arms aren’t long enough to read you phone anymore you’ll know what I mean. Taking time to recharge gives the precious orbs a break too.
  2. Your real life – yes, you may still have one! It contains real people and real places. You may have forgotten this – especially if you are an online solopreneur. It’s easy to be lured into the web and get stuck. I hear tales of internet marketers who don’t bother even to dress for days at a time. Hang on – I’m writing this in bed on a Sunday…..I am taking time to recharge for the rest of the day though.
  3. Staying in control. If the first thing you do in the morning is check your email and social media then you are being reactive. They will then dominate your day. Much better to stay proactive and leave the email and Facebook till later. You’ll be amazed when you find the world does not collapse on your the day you are taking time to recharge.
  4. Refreshing your creativity. Getting away from all things electronic for a day is the best way of getting the creativity back. For me this works best if you spend that day close to nature. For me a beach works best. I can usually take me day off on a week day so I can have the beach more or less to myself for a long walk. It blows the cobwebs away and get the grey matter recharged.

The Importance of Taking Time To Recharge All Your Batteries

I’m sure I could think of more but these are the top 4 for me. Since working full time online I’ve learned to practice what I’m preaching. Well except (so far) for number 2. I need reading glasses constantly now but I can’t really say that’s purely a result of computers. I’m a huge consumer of the written word.

I’ve had to come to a compromise with number 3. I do check my mail first thing but really only to see if my ad campaigns are generating leads. I’ll clear out the spam, have a quick glance through what’s left and then come back to it later. Social media is always always left till later.

If I had to pick just one of these points and run with it I’d absolutely go for the last one. There are days when it’s just not happening and sitting staring at the computer will not fix this. If anything it’ll just add to the inertia and will start to pile more treats on top: Guilt at being unproductive for a start. Get away from it, go out for a drive or preferably a walk – the wilder the weather the better I find. Jay Kubassek of the Digital Experts academy reminded me of the importance of taking time to recharge on his recent webinar. To her more of his many words of wisdom and his groundbreaking digital education system follow the link below and get a series of free videos.

taking time to recharge

Taking Time to Recharge Yourself – 4 Big Reasons Why You Must

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By Dave Menzies 

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