The Benefits of Mentors

the benefits of mentorsThe benefits of mentors are clear to me now. You know that feeling when you can see the massive possibilities of something but just cant figure out how to get there? It remains frustratingly out of your reach even though you see others getting there …. You can either persevere or give up. If you decide to persevere you really need to align yourself with people who are already there and can give you a hand up. The benefits of mentors in your life simply cant be overstated.

Some years ago I desperately wanted to learn how to make a living – a good living on the internet. Having grown up without the web I’d seen it grow from one of those – “It’ll never last”, things – to the world changing behemoth it now is.

For years I’d been supporting myself through sales of one kind or another. I’d been knocking doors, wearing out shoe leather – the tried and tested, old school approach. I’d done Ok, eventually progressing to the role of business development manager but I had one eye on the Internet. Here was a way to potentially reach millions – billions – of potential customers all over the world, not just the handful I could find in days, weeks and months of soul destroying trudging. If I could just earn a single buck each from a fraction of those billions of people ……..

The Need For Mentorship In A Changing World

As the internet grew so did the stories of overnight millionaires who were taking advantage of this digital goldmine. Of course with that came the get rich mentality: The schemes, the scams the false promises and hot air. It was a real minefield but there were clearly some genuine opportunities out there. After all we were all starting to buy the things we wanted from the comfort of our own homes via this incredible new portal.

So I used it for research. I looked not for get rich schemes or push button trickery, but for an education. It took some time and along the way I fell in to some traps. The idea of replacing or vastly increasing your income with just a few hours of work was beguiling and there were plenty of people peddling that line. I fell for a couple of them, but unlike many, I managed not to lose my shirt in the process. I had at least learned what not to do!

It became clear that irrespective of what goods and services you actually sold online, the key to making it work was to learn Internet marketing. For that it seemed like a good idea to try and track down some form of mentorship – to learn from the guys who were crushing it as they say. Read about any successful person and you’ll find they all stress the benefits of mentors after all. I’m glad to say that I found my mentors – not at a college, university or business school (I’d gladly have enrolled if those were around) but through networking.

Finding Good Online Business Mentors

One of my contacts forwarded me a link to a series of free videos that have proven to be a game changer for me and for thousands like me. The introduced a company called Six Figure Mentors and it’s founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Ok like me you probably think that sounds a little scammy but hey, I wanted to earn six figures and I needed mentors. So I watched them.

The videos arrived one per day by email for 7 days. They had me on video 1 so I found a way to watch them all over a couple of days. I don’t think my mind had ever been so busy as it was over those 2 days – it has been since mind you.

They began by introducing the two co-founders. Both detailed their own journey’s from overworked wage slaves (like me) to multi-millionaire internet entrepreneurs. They had achieved this by learning a business model known as affiliate marketing where you sell other peoples products online for a commission. Between them they had sold everything from online dating to e-cigarettes. Basically high demand, life enhancing products that millions of people wanted and were looking for on the internet – not scammy get rich quick schemes. Guess what? They also stressed the benefits of mentors they had found early on in their journeys.

Success Leaves A Trail

The video series went on to look at how the digital economy had emerged, why it was rapidly disrupting the failing traditional economy, and how they had leveraged it. Finally they described why instead of retiring – set for life – in their early thirties as they easily could have, they hooked up to create a mentorship and education programme to help anyone to replicate what they had done.

Throughout this video journey the two came across as very genuine, people who shared a very noble vision. Having met both several times in person now, I’ve found them to be exactly that. The Six Figure Mentors and partner organisation Digital Experts Academy also offer a number of affiliate partnerships to their members.

These are non-binding, contract free, franchise style business partnerships offering the chance to earn as you learn – ideal for those who have no products of their own to start with. It’s a simple concept: You promote the same mentorship, training and business opportunity you are benefitting from yourself, earning high commissions for doing so.

Introducing My Mentors

Long story short, this has given me everything I was looking for. I’ve been a student and affiliate partner with both SFM and DEA for 5 years. I run a profitable online business from anywhere I want to – currently the highlands of Scotland and have a very transferable skill set. Best of all as the digital revolution continues to change the world, I have the peace of mind to know that I’ll always be able to earn a good living in it.

But hey – don’t take my word for all this when you can easily check this out for yourself at zero risk. Click the link below to sign up for the same free video series that I’ve talked about here. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The benefits of mentors at this level will soon become obvious to you if you’ve struggled to get started online.

the benefits of mentors