The Best Business To Start ’19

best business to start

The Best Business To Start – 6 Key Ingredients

 best business to start What would be the best business to start right now, in the midst of a global recession? In a time where technology, automation and disruptive business models are changing our world at breakneck speed? I’d argue that a business that leverages all of that would be the safest bet. In fact many people are doing just that. Hence the growing numbers of olderpreneurs, youngerpreneurs, mompreneurs, soulpreneurs etc.

The truth is that all this change is providing more opportunity for entrepreneurs than the disruption it’s causing. The ingredients for the best business to start now include:

  1. No need to go into massive debt.
  2. No need to own your products or services or to create your own marketing material.
  3. The freedom to start a business in any niche or niches you choose; This could be around a passion, interest or area of experience.
  4. The freedom to start a business that can be run from anywhere with minimal equipment, investment and staff.
  5. Enormous amounts of time freedom by leveraging automation.
  6. A global 24/7/365 marketplace at your fingertips

Leveraging The Disruption

best business to startVery different I think you’ll agree to the ingredients of most traditional style businesses. I would say that those 6 points represent not only the best business to start right now but pretty much the perfect business model full stop.

Of course the business I’m describing is a digital or internet based business. There’s no longer any point in denying that internet presence is essential to any business these days. In fact a business that is completely internet based is a real and very smart possibility.

Look at he way that information and social platforms like Google, Facebook and Youtube have evolved on the internet. They are now multi billion dollar advertising platforms. Thats what makes this possible. Since these are also the places where most of us now go for information, recommendations and purchases they are also the obvious places to do business.

Essential Tools, Skills And Products 

If you agree that the six points above add up to like the best business to start you’re probably wondering exactly how to do it? The best way to start an internet based business is via a business model known as affiliate marketing. Whilst this a very simple model it does require some new skills.

To that end I’d like to introduce you to a company that I’ve been working with for 6 years now both as a student and as an affiliate partner. They provide the best internet marketing training and entrepreneurial education I’ve ever seen. They also offer lucrative partnership options should you have no products or services in mind. I now run the kind of business I’ve described here and I didn’t get started until I was 48 following a redundancy.

Get yourself their complimentary 7-day video series as a taster on the link below.

best business to start

By Dave Menzies