Why The World Needs More Weirdos

the world needs more weirdos

The World Needs More Weirdos – Heads Up Marketers!   

the world needs more weirdosI’m not alone in thinking the world needs more weirdos. I got an interesting newsletter email yesterday. It talked about the importance of connecting with weirdos – quite an eye-catching subject line – hence why I opened and read it. It was of course a pitch for something or other but I found the content quite good. A little research also turned up some great content on the subject by the likes of Seth Godin.

To summarise, “weirdos” in the context of this newsletter was really about embracing diversity and the importance of the individual. I’m down with that. To quote a part of the email:

” In short: people we think are “weird” should be welcomed (and feel welcomed) in our business and community.

The truth is: we are all weird to someone. What we think in normal is completely strange to someone else”.

This got me thinking about of some of the weirdo’s that have been very influential to me. They include, in no particular order: Jimi Hendrix, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein and although I’m not religious, Jesus.

All of those people in their time were considered weird by many of their peers. The truth is though that by being true to themselves and single-mindedly following their chosen paths they changed the world. They showed us what’s possible when you think outside the box. The world needs more weirdos like them without a doubt.

And many of those people were living in far more constrictive times than we are.

So it’s pretty obvious that we really do need weirdos – not all of them but then we could probably do with far less “normal’s” too. If we all just toe the line like good little sheep we’re in trouble.

The newsletter I mention here was related to how all this fits into digital marketing. Generally speaking making good money on the internet relies on finding mass market audiences for mass market products.

We Are All Weird To Someone 

the world needs more weirdosIt’s easy to think in terms of finding a product that you can sell to thousands or millions of people. That would naturally tend to be a lower cost item with a lower profit margin – so it’s a numbers game. By nature though it’s a pretty impersonal, number crunching style of business.

The other train of thought is that it’s about the same amount of work to sell higher value products to fewer people. That might well be where the weirdo thing comes in to play.

If you take the weirdo definition past the negative connotations: eccentric, deviant, dropout etc it really just refers to people who are free spirits, non-conformists and unorthodox thinkers. You could say that most entrepreneurs fit that description.

Many of the people I’ve met (and I include myself) since becoming part of SFM might well be considered weirdo’s by lots of people. They’ve decided they want to live in a different way from most other people after all.

They invest in training and personal development. They attend workshops and online webcasts. They spend their time making videos, creating adverts on Facebook, building websites and writing blogs. It just doesn’t seem like work to most people. How can you be earning a living from this – sitting in Starbucks typing away on a laptop? It’s just a lack of understanding.

The World Needs More Weirdos Like You 

I read recently that it costs about $1million to own a McDonalds franchise or get a New York taxi licence. It then takes up to 5 years to see a profit. You can start an online business for peanuts in comparison and be in profit in a few weeks or months. Which do you think is the weirder option?

So if you would like to live life on your own terms, work from where you want to for much less of your limited time I’m afraid you may be a weirdo. Brilliant, congratulations! Come and join us.

The SFM is designed for you and is looking for people who are different – they call them leaders. They also think that when people fully understand what’s possible in today’s world, they can make some serious changes to a lot of what’s currently broken. Find out more by getting the SFM free video series on the link below.


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