Why SFM is Such A Good Investment

why sfm

Why SFM is Such A Good Investment – Showing You The Money

why SFM

Masterminding with the numbers guys

I got yet another insight into why SFM is such a good investment last night. I’ve been a member for over a year now and am also positioned at Gold within the DEA partner program. I realise that most people looking to invest in a business are interested in the bottom line: How much money can I make? This should be useful to you.

I wont go into the mentorship, ongoing coaching, self-development and unique marketing systems here. You can read any of my other blogs about all that. In this post I’ll just tell you about why SFM offers such an amazing return on investment. Bear in mind that SFM stands for Six Figure Mentors…

I don’t know about you but when I’m looking for business advice, coaching and mentoring, I want to talk to and meet people who have generated 6, 7 or 8 figure incomes from the business they recommend. Luckily with SFM I have that luxury.

I’m already sold so I know why SFM is such a no-brainer for anyone looking at starting an online business. Last night however, during a top level mastermind meeting I got some fabulous, real world, facts and figures. I felt they would be incredibly valuable for anyone out there looking in. Here they are.

Why SFM Offers Unbeatable ROI

Our mastermind was delivered by Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime – two of SFM and DEA’s partners and approved coaches. These guys are from a banking and investment background and really know their numbers. It’s by understanding and analysing those numbers that they have built their own hugely successful online empire. Their SFM business is a big part of that.

The main reason why SFM is such a good proposition is simply the return on investment that is possible. That’s actually true of doing business online in general. The real money is made on top tier products like those offered by SFM and DEA.

It’s all about CPA (cost per acquisition) and the lifetime value of a new customer sale. Because of the way the business is structured, anyone who positions well in the program has a huge advantage over any other online business.

An SFM membership application costs $29.95. Once approved that applicant has 30 days to thoroughly look at the business system, the training and to speak to one of the company’s business advisers. By paying attention to the numbers SFM know that a high proportion of those who apply will go on to become full members. Of those people a high proportion will also decide to join the DEA programme at one of 4 levels.

That’s why SFM offers such a good return on investment – investment being monies spent on digital marketing to generate leads. DEA members are paid up to 40% commission on sales. That means anything from $1k to $8K per sale.

Why The Numbers Work So Well

What this actually means is that an initial application sale has a good chance of at some point turning into a high commission. SFM members have access to all the figures backing this up gathered over the 3 years the company has been trading. Depending on where in the programme you are positioned this means that you can do some very accurate planning.

If you’ve ever watched Dragons Den you’ll know that these are the figures the dragons want. Don’t know your CPA or the lifetime value of a sale = no moey.

You know for example with a high degree of accuracy what the lifetime value of a customer is to you. With that knowledge you can see how much it’s worth spending on marketing to get that customer. Actually you want to be able do that for any online business even if you’re selling products at $20.

No Guarantees Just Massive Potential

Obviously no one can offer you hard and fast earnings figures for any business – that’s largely down to the work you put in. What SFM can do though is prove the earnings potential with hard facts, provide you with the training, the products, the marketing materials, business coaches to follow up leads for you and a community of incredible people to support you.

In short then this is why SFM is so good. If you know that you can spend hundreds of bucks on advertising to generate a $29.95 application because you know that it can be worth hundreds of times that over time, you really are in the money. As Guy and Ilan said last night, with numbers like this, even if you really suck at online marketing you can make some very good money.

All you need to do is to generate the leads and leverage the system to do the rest for you.

I hope I’ve managed to explain why SFM to my mind is the best online business and education programme in the world to join. Decide for yourself though by signing up for their free 7 day video series on the link below.

why sfm

By Dave Menzies

why sfm

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