Success By Hangout

Watch a panel of digital entrepreneurs and SFM/DEA members discussing all things related to running an online business from home on our regular Wednesday evening Hangout – “Success by Hangout”

This is a great opportunity for you to meet some people form all walks of life who are creating their very own laptop lifestyles thanks to the training and resources gained by joining SFM and DEA. Our panel includes members from Scotland, Ireland, England, France and Sweden. We all have different backgrounds and stories together with very different levels of internet experience so you will quickly see that this is a business and lifestyle with no social, economic or traditional barriers. You’ll also get a feel for what an amazing community SFM members are part of and a “from the trenches” view on what transitioning to the new, digital economy is really like !

We’re back ! SBH has been paused for  while as we all had various commitments to focus on. Rather than going ahead with the hangouts but with one a few of us and people dropping out at short notice we decided to have a break. We restarted last night though and will be here again every Wednesday at 7pm GMT  – hope you can join us!

Here’s last nights Hangout recording @8th January 2015 where we discussed, appropriately enough – Coming back.  

September 10th – Avoiding Pitfalls When Starting an Online Business

August 27th – “What’s Your Whiteboard? Goal-Setting, Planning and Scheduling”


August 5th – The Importance of Taking Consistent Action 

Tuesday 29th July – Continuing The Mindset Series – Do You Need Confidence and talent?

22nd July – Techniques Used to Power a Positive Mind Set For Your Online Business

15th july – The Power of Visualisation

8th July 2014. Deep stuff tonight Folks ! – Come and find out how important a meta-story is in aligning your subconscious and conscious minds 

June 30th 2014 – How to Stay Focused On Your Online Business

June 24th – 7pm GMT “Marketing Strategies”


Hope to see you here ! – Tuesdays at 7pm GMT


If you find our hangouts useful and want to know more just get in touch with me and we can arrange a Skype, Facetime or Google call or even the good old fashioned phone call!

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