The Six Figure Mentors Programme In 2022

When I first met the Six Figure Mentors programme, it was a fairly simple proposition. It was Just what I was looking for in fact. It comprised of “proper” internet marketing training with a raft of tools and resources. Importantly for me it also offered a range of affiliate business partnerships. I’d been made redundant…

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Life In The Country Online

Digital life in the country

  My Digital Life In The Country I’m no stranger to life in the country. I was brought up in a little country village near Glasgow till the age of 8. Then my folks bought a house a few miles from there in an even more rural setting where I lived until my 20’s. Around…

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Is SFM A Scam? – Chalk v Cheese

Is SFM A Scam

Is SFM A Scam? – Judge For Yourself Is SFM a scam? Or in fact is – insert whatever you are researching as a possible internet business to get involved with – a scam, is a valid question. Judging by the number of views my video by the same title has received it’s a popular…

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The Internet Lifestyle

the internet lifestyle

Loving The Internet Lifestyle Talk about an advert for the internet lifestyle: I opened the curtains our bedroom this morning to one of those perfect days. The sun was shining on a flat calm sea (the first thing I see every morning I’m at home) and there was a little frost on the ground. It’s…

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Building A Profitable Online Business

building a profitable online business

Building a Profitable Online Business – Truths & Myths Building a Profitable Online Business can be extremely rewarding but it does take work, ambition and investment (time and money) For some reason there still seems to be a lot misconception around the online business industry: Mainly that it’s an easy and fast route to wealth…

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Best Affiliate Marketing Business

best affiliate marketing business

How To Identify The Best Affiliate Marketing Business In online marketing, particularly affiliate marketing where you are earning commission on selling someone else’s products it’s really important to understand sales funnels. This is what defines the best affiliate marketing business. The people involved with SFM and DEA explain this very clearly. I’ll attempt to do…

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The Affiliate Marketing Business

affiliate marketing business

6 BigThings You DON’T Need for An Affiliate Marketing Business    The affiliate marketing business model is an attractive one for lots os reasons. Mainly because of the things you don’t need to start one. Near where I live there are several small shop units. Over the last couple of years I’ve lost count of…

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Creating a Sustainable Income Online

  Creating a Sustainable Income Online – Visionary Call Part 2  Creating a sustainable income online is done by developing multiple income streams. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best way to do this. The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy already provides the training on how to do this as well as a turnkey…

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Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Now

Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur     Why you should become an entrepreneur was explained beautifully by A friend of mine yesterday in a short but inspiring video. I don’t want to simply copy and paste his message but I do want to share what he said. Johan, like myself is a member of…

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Affiliate Business Opportunities Explained

Affiliate Business Opportunities Explained Affiliate business opportunities are probably the single best and easiest way to make money online. In their free video seriesStuart Ross and Jay Kubbbssek explain why and outline theirs in great detail. I wrote an “in a nutshell” outline of the affiliate business model for my subscribers this morning. Here it…

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