Telling Is Not Selling?

telling is not selling

Telling Is Not Selling – It’s Better….  “Telling is not selling” is a phrase used by Brain Tracy and countless others. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek co-founders of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) also often quote it. They have used that approach to build multiple 6,7 and 8 figure online…

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SFM Attraction Marketing

SFM attraction marketing

The SFM Attraction Marketing  Style – Pandora’s Box The great power of the Internet is that you are able to communicate with the entire connected world – or as much of it as you can work out how to reach. Given that, I found it quite ironic when someone very local to me who had…

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Attraction Marketing In Action

Attraction Marketing In Action Here’s a perfect example of attraction marketing in action. I got an email yesterday via the contact form on my website. It was from someone who had been watching some of my videos and wanted to arrange a Skype call with me. He’s seen some of the videos where I describe…

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Attraction Marketing – Dog Vs Cat

I was watching a cat on the prowl as I walked to the bank this morning. For some reason It made me think about attraction marketing and how it’s more of a dog like approach than a cat like approach which, it seemed to me to be a great comparison – here’s why. Whilst cats…

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The Best Self Improvement Books – Apart From The Obvious

What are the best self-improvement books an entrepreneur can read? The usual advice is to go with the recognised classics like Think and Grow Rich or Rich dad Poor dad. All great brain food for sure, as are the host of alternatives out there and I have a good few of those. I also read…

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