Simple Lead Capture – List Building Made Simple

simple lead capture

Simple Lead Capture – A Business Godsend Simple Lead Capture (SLC) from Digital Business Lounge is probably going to be the answer to a lot of business owners prayers. In short it’s a simple and inexpensive way to get the process of generating leads and sales online done. You can have a look at the Simple…

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Five Must Have Online Marketing Tools

The Online Marketing Tools Every Business Should have  There are a million different tools, strategies and toys on the market designed to make internet marketing easier and more effective. Obviously every one of them claims to be the best, the most indispensable – they are being marketed by experts after all – but you certainly don’t…

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Seriously Simple Lead Capture Pages

SFM’s Seriously Simple Lead Capture Pages DBL Simple lead capture pages is one of the components within SFM’s Digital Business Lounge. With the entire system about to become a retail product product that anyone can use, it’s undergone some steroid like enhancements recently. I spent some time playing with the beta version yesterday and was…

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