The Online Life By The Sea

The idea of living the online life in a house overlooking the sea used to seem like an unrealistic dream to me. Now I can’t imagine ever living any other way. There used to be two ways to live in a rural, semi remote area whether it be countryside or coastal. The first was to…

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Launch You Ultimate Startup Bundles Review

Sfm’s Ultimate startup bundles are the culmination of a couple of very busy years for the company  now in its 13th year. Just before the pandemic hit and changed the world they introduced their all new Mentors platform. During lockdown the founders faced the same problems as the rest of us but still managed to…

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The Power Of Digital Marketing

Harnessing The Power Of Digital Marketing The power of digital marketing struck me again yesterday as it often does. My partner who runs a driving instruction business was getting a little low on pupils and therefore income. Ironically this happens in her game by dint of her being good at it: Pupils pass tests and…

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Why Internet Marketing Skills?

internet marketing skills

Making A Meal Of Internet Marketing Skills The power of Internet marketing skills to build previously impossible levels of personal freedom was brought home to me yet again on Friday night. It started with a simple whatsapp message from a friend at the other end of the country. He asked “What’s for dinner?” This is…

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Digital Skills Platform Pre-Released

Digital Skills Platform

The Digital Skills Platform – Revolutionary Learning  I wrote recently about SFM and DEA’s partnership with Grovo to bring their Digital skills platform to the masses. I got an email from Stuart Ross the other day to say that SFM and DEA affiliates now have that platform in their back offices. Having logged in and…

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The Zero Moment Of Truth

The Zero moment of truth

The Zero Moment Of Truth For Buyers And Sellers  TheZero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is really what sets internet marketing apart from traditional marketing. It’s probably the linchpin around which the digital economy works. It really emphasises why digital marketing is already the must have business skill set for our times. Lets have a look…. Over…

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Digital Marketing – Your Business Will Depend On It

digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Go Where The people Are The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming no doubt about it. With a multitude of social media sites, each with an industry built around them, it’s hard for business owners to know where to start. The fact is though it needs to be done. It’s 2014,…

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Running A Profitable Online Business

Running A Profitable Online Business – Free Webcast    Just a short post today to tell you about a series of free webcasts that Stuart Ross has jut released. These will be un-missable for anyone interested in the online industry. Whether you are interested in starting an online business or just want to start capitalising…

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Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing Training Courses When you type “digital marketing training courses” into the big G you’ll get 168,000 results (in just over .4 of a second) so it’s a fairly popular search – no wonder: Most businesses have been aware that an online presence is a complete necessity these days and as a result happily…

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Creating More Time In Your Life

Creating More Time In Your Life Creating more time in your life – I mean decent amounts of it sounds like an impossibility in this age of compulsory business doesn’t it. Yes we can shave a few seconds or minutes here and there – maybe even hours if we’re lucky but seldom in a way…

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