Leveraging Digital Video Editing

digital video editing

Digital Video Editing Then And Now My first experience of digital video editing was way back in what now seems like the mists of time (actually about 20 years ago). It was very different to what it is now. Back then digital was really just starting to change the world. As an audio-visual technician at…

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The Digital Education Marketing Business

Digital Education Marketing – The Place To Be  Digital education marketing is very big news. It’s already a massive industry even though relatively speaking it’s in it’s infancy. As a proud affiliate of The Digital Experts Academy, digital education marketing is really what I do. The DEA and partner company Six Figure Mentors recently partnered…

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The Power Of Your Online Real Estate

online real estate

Your Online Real Estate – Working  24/7 – 365 I had planned to send a broadcast – a short message – to my subscribers today on the power of online real estate. When I woke up this morning and checked my emails I had several that by coincidence, seriously back up the points I wanted…

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Why The World Needs More Weirdos

the world needs more weirdos

The World Needs More Weirdos – Heads Up Marketers!    I’m not alone in thinking the world needs more weirdos. I got an interesting newsletter email yesterday. It talked about the importance of connecting with weirdos – quite an eye-catching subject line – hence why I opened and read it. It was of course a…

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Managing An Email List

managing an email list

Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now? Managing an email list is not always simple. Building a responsive list of subscribers is a no brainer in the field of digital marketing but there are some decisions to be made along the way. One of these is whether to unsubscribe portions of that list. I…

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Which Digital Marketing Strategy?

digital marketing strategy

Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Right for You? One digital marketing strategy is all you need to start with. Sometimes as an online entrepreneur its easy to try and be a jack of all trades. There are so many aspects to digital marketing and most of them are appealing. The learning curve usually starts with…

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New Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook Advertising Strategies – New All change ! (again) Facebook advertising has just gone through – or will be going through – depending on where you are in the world, some more changes. These are good changes however. Lets take a look at some of the new Facebook advertising strategies these changes make possible. With…

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The Many Profitable Uses of Educational Technology

The Uses of Educational Technology Somewhere in Canada a man looks at a small glass tablet as he sips his coffee on the sun kissed balcony of his house. On the tablet’s screen, he watches a group of people telling their stories; their reasons for choosing to turn their backs on the traditional way of…

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The Impact of Technology – What Will Business Be Like In A Hundred Years ?

The Impact of Technology  – The Story So far An online colleague and friend from New Zealand messaged me on Facebook yesterday asking if I could give her a quick tutorial on using Imovie – that this is easily possible speaks volumes about the impact of technology  We both own digital marketing businesses and have the…

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Hanging Out With The Home Based Online Business Set

Hanging Out With The Home Based Online Business Set  I took part in a superb Google hangout live with fellow SFM digital entrepreneurs last night. I’m really liking this platform both from a social point of view and as a way for people looking in from the outside to learn more about this mysterious world…

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