Digital Skills Education – Disruption & Singularity

digital skills education

Digital Skills Education – Meet The Pioneers Digital skills education is very big news. In the September DEA founders call Jay Kubasek had some interesting information to share on the subject. It was scary, exciting, awesome, crucial info. The adjective you pick after looking at the info will soon depend on the level of digital…

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Digital Skills For Rural Businesses

Digital skills

Digital Skills – The Small Picture and The Big One  The Digital skills gap in the UK has been highlighted by no less than the House of Lords Digital skills committee. They estimate (conservatively) that around 35% of UK jobs will be at risk of being automated over the next 20 years. To highlight this…

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Self Limiting Beliefs – The Monkey Brain

Self Limiting Beliefs – Bananas! Self limiting beliefs are the scourge of the modern world. I must admit that this isn’t the sort of thing I normally write about but a book I’m reading made me think about it. It is a big part of the education provided by The Six Figure Mentors after all.…

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Digital Skills Platform Pre-Released

Digital Skills Platform

The Digital Skills Platform – Revolutionary Learning  I wrote recently about SFM and DEA’s partnership with Grovo to bring their Digital skills platform to the masses. I got an email from Stuart Ross the other day to say that SFM and DEA affiliates now have that platform in their back offices. Having logged in and…

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