Why The World Needs More Weirdos

the world needs more weirdos

The World Needs More Weirdos – Heads Up Marketers!    I’m not alone in thinking the world needs more weirdos. I got an interesting newsletter email yesterday. It talked about the importance of connecting with weirdos – quite an eye-catching subject line – hence why I opened and read it. It was of course a…

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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year – For Internet marketing

internet marketing

Internet Marketing With Santa  Do you shut down at Christmas? Who could blame you. In many ways as the song says it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time off work, giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family friends and loved ones – it’s all good. But it’s also an opportunity to take…

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How To Choose An Internet Marketing Mentor

how to choose an internet marketing mentor

How To Choose An Internet Marketing Mentor  In deciding how to choose an internet marketing mentor – who should you follow and learn from online these days in other words, you need to be picky. When you get into the digital marketing industry (and you probably should) You will soon start to find that there…

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Offline business – Online Marketing

Online Marketing for Offline Business   Just as I typed the first word of this post I heard the ping of an email arriving in my Gmail box. I paused for a quick look and it’s from an online marketing acquaintance of mine in New York with “time sensitive” news of his latest get rich…

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Internet marketing Strategies That Play to your Strengths

Playing to your strengths Dave Menzies As usual, the SFM Elite call by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek this week was filled with inspiring and practical information. The topic and conversation was largely focused on choosing the strategies that suit you. Those that play to your strengths.  Becoming an expert at those is a better…

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