Being Made Redundant? What Now?

being made redundant

Why Being Made Redundant Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happens To You Being made redundant is not pleasant. If it’s happened to you I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’re pre-middle aged when it happens you’ll probably bounce back quicker but if you happen to be 40 + things can be tough. Finding another…

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Is your job secure? Why You Should Have A Plan B

  Is Your Job Secure? Should You be Developing a Plan B? Is your job secure? How can you tell? This is an example of what an employer can do to you if they’ve decided to try and get you to leave. It’s not something I’ve shared in full with many people but I decided…

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Life after Redundancy for “Baby Boomers”

Life after Redundancy for this Baby Boomer Life after redundancy for this baby boomer has actually been pretty amazing. The wiki definition for baby boomers is those born between 1946 and 1964 by the way – Born at the tail end of “64 I just scrape in. There seem to be a lot of us.…

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