The Power Of List Building

List Building – An Asset For Life The power of list building is undeniable in the world of online business. We’ve all heard the phrase “The money is in the list” or similar and I’ve found that to be true over the last few years. I’d also agree that a well-built, well managed and well…

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Email Marketing – The Ultimate Guide

email marketing

8 Point Ultimate Email Marketing Guide Email marketing has been an essential part of my sales strategy for years now. I used it very successfully when I was working as a business development manager. As an Internet entrepreneur it’s still the bedrock of my business. Wherever I generate leads from they go straight to my…

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Managing An Email List

managing an email list

Should They Stay Or Should They Go Now? Managing an email list is not always simple. Building a responsive list of subscribers is a no brainer in the field of digital marketing but there are some decisions to be made along the way. One of these is whether to unsubscribe portions of that list. I…

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List Building For Profit In The New Economy

The Secret Of List Building For Profit List building for profit is probably the best known success strategy for online commerce. If you’ve ever built up a database with a CRM system say or even just a spreadsheet then you have already touched on this. The big difference is that in the online world list…

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5 Ways Of Providing Value To Your Subscribers

5 Ways Of Providing Value To Your Subscribers One of the things that people looking at working online find daunting is how to go about providing value to a list of subscribers. They get the idea of building a list of subscribers as a valuable marketing strategy but then wonder how they can continue to…

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List Building For Profit – The Money Is In The List

List Building For Profit – The Money Is In The List The money is in the list and list building for profit are online marketing phrases – considering the relatively short length of time we’ve had the internet they could actually claim to be ancient internet wisdom.  But why so true is it? as Yoda…

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