Does Self Development Work?

Self development work seems to be integral to many training courses on starting an online business. But do you really need it? I guess that depends on how you define it but my friend and I don’t think so. Certainly not if you’ve been around the block a couple of times, as they say. So…

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3 Keys To Using Empowering Language

empowering language

Why Using Empowering Language Is A Powerful Choice  Using empowering language to empower yourself is the starting point in the blueprint for success. I mean specifically Jay Kubassek’s 90 day blueprint but his point is that learning to use empowering language is a key part of personal growth. So what does it mean? It’s obvious…

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The Benefits of Proactive Thinking

This morning I was forced – actually by myself, to get up at 4am and head through to my home office to jot down some ideas that had arrived unbidden into my head. Technically this is called taking a proactive approach – proactive thinking –  I believe. To me it’s been a lesson I learned…

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