Thriving In The Digital World

Why I love the Digital World For most people the digital world or digital revolution doesn’t mean much more than added convenience. They think of online shopping and lifestyle apps, maybe even Uber and Airbnb. That’s fine and of course all these things are fabulous but I’m on a mission to open people’s eyes to…

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Choose Time, Location And Financial Freedom

time, location and financial freedom

Time, Location And Financial Freedom Today Creating a lifestyle of time, location and financial freedom might seem like a tall order. In a 9-5 or a with a traditional business you don’t have any of those. A lot of your time goes on getting to and from then at your place of work. You probably…

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Should We Buy Everything Online?

buy everything online

Will We Ever Buy Everything Online?  I think I’m going to move one step closer to a buy everything online policy. For me that means I’m seriously thinking of buying groceries online. I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking – Duh! What took you so long? But I’ve always felt it a step…

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How to Create Real Independence

real independence

Real Independence – The Bigger Picture What is real independence? Thursday 18th September 2014 will be a momentous day for Scotland, the Uk and the rest of the world – one way or another. But it’s just one meaning of the word independence and in terms of the individual still quite a restricted version of…

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Learn Digital Marketing And Expand Your Horizons

learn digital marketing

Learn Digital Marketing and Make The World Your Oyster   Learn digital marketing and see the world they said – How does that work? Look at it this way.  Can there be anything better than spending a few days in a cool town with the one you love? The sun is shining; there is no…

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The Digital Gold Rush

The digital gold rush

The Digital Gold Rush – Staking Your Claim The digital Goldrush is a term coined by Jay Kubassek (above)to describe the continuing growth of the digital economy. In one of the video’s that are part of the series introducing his company The Digital Experts Academy he explains what he means. He starts with the fact…

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My Digital Life – Maybe Yours?

My Digital Life – Maybe Yours? Amazing SFM founders call with Stuart, Jay and the Michigan team last night. Unfortunately I missed most of the first hour so I’m eagerly waiting for the tech guys to load the recording into the back office. I did catch the last hour though and as always it was…

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Daylight Saving Time ? In The New Economy?

So the clocks changed again last night because of daylight saving time and we find ourselves up and about on a Sunday an hour earlier than last week, Why?  What can we usefully do with this extra time – apart from ignoring it till Monday? Well given that we all have 86,400 seconds of time…

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The Titanic Economy And The Digital Economy Lifeboat

We are now living in a world, which has two very separate economies: The old, traditional or Titanic economy and the new, digital economy, which is thriving. Luckily the new economy can offer a lifeboats (you’ll remember that the Titanic didn’t have enough of those for all of the people onboard). There will be no…

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Distributed Denial of Service – The Impulse To Destroy

Distributed Denial of Service  – WTF ? The impulse to destroy is I guess the dark side of the human soul. A dramatic start to a blog post I know but inspired by a recent hacking attack on Aweber – the email management system that huge numbers of online marketers and online business owners use.…

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