Digital Experts Academy Positioning Guide

digital experts academy positioning

Digital Experts Academy Positioning – Best Bang For Your Bucks This overview of Digital Experts Academy positioning is intended to explain the benefits of positioning wisely within the DEA for maximum income potential. If you have been researching SFM and DEA as a business you’d like to be involved with and are looking for some advice…

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The Digital Experts Academy Review

the digital experts academy

The Digital Experts Academy Reseller Programme  In The Digital Experts Academy calendar, right after Momentum day comes the DEA Black retreat in Miami. It’s inspiring to see all the posts appearing on Facebook as the Elite black’s make their way from all over the globe to Miami. They’ll be spending a few days in luxurious…

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The Six Figure Mentors – Building Yourtopia

the six figure mentors

The Six Figure Mentors – Building Your Personal Utopia Six Figure Mentors vision is to help as many people around the world build their personal ideal lives. I like to call this building Yourtopia. By that I mean your personal ideal life – as ideal as is possible that is. I’m not referring to any kind…

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The Six Figure Mentors Big Vision

This Six Figure Mentors – Building Yourtopia The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasek host their founders call webinar on the first Thursday of every month. It’s a web based get together between them and their membership family and I look forward to them avidly. One reason is that…

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My Digital Life – Maybe Yours?

My Digital Life – Maybe Yours? Amazing SFM founders call with Stuart, Jay and the Michigan team last night. Unfortunately I missed most of the first hour so I’m eagerly waiting for the tech guys to load the recording into the back office. I did catch the last hour though and as always it was…

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