How to Create Real Independence

real independence

Real Independence – The Bigger Picture What is real independence? Thursday 18th September 2014 will be a momentous day for Scotland, the Uk and the rest of the world – one way or another. But it’s just one meaning of the word independence and in terms of the individual still quite a restricted version of…

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The Digital Gold Rush

The digital gold rush

The Digital Gold Rush – Staking Your Claim The digital Goldrush is a term coined by Jay Kubassek (above)to describe the continuing growth of the digital economy. In one of the video’s that are part of the series introducing his company The Digital Experts Academy he explains what he means. He starts with the fact…

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Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Now

Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur     Why you should become an entrepreneur was explained beautifully by A friend of mine yesterday in a short but inspiring video. I don’t want to simply copy and paste his message but I do want to share what he said. Johan, like myself is a member of…

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