What You Did In Lockdown

What you did in Lockdown if you were one of the many furloughed or grant funded self-employed people might well have long reaching consequences. Hopefully when you look back on it in years to come it won’t be with regret. Hopefully what you did in lockdown – how you used all that rarest of commodities:…

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Preparing For The Post Lockdown World

image of woman working on a laptop from home. She is running an online business and creating security and value in a post lockdown world

It goes without saying that the world is going through massive changes right now. How can we a prepare for and adapt to a post lockdown world? Even before Covid19 came along and introduced us to measures like lockdown and social distancing, “The times they were a changing”. The digital revolution was already changing the…

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Whats Stopping You From Starting?

Whats stopping you from starting? Is a question I still ask myself quite often. Maybe you’re the same. You have all these great ideas but never act on them. Lets take the idea of working from home as an example. Maybe this is something you’ve been thinking about for some time. I know I did.…

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Looking For Work From Home – Free?

looking for work from home

Looking For Work From Home But Don’t Want To Pay For The Privilege?  Looking for work from home is an increasingly popular phrase these days. Its also the name of a Facebook group that I joined some time ago. I haven’t been very active in it for a number of reasons. I was so annoyed…

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Remote Working – The Joys

Remote Working – The Joys  Last time I mentioned that I was catching up with some inspiring colleagues who had been taking a break up North in the lovely town of Inveraray. Since they were passing Glasgow on the way home they took a quick detour into the town centre and we spent an hour…

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