Moving Into The Digital Economy

Moving into the digital economy  – the internet economy – from the now desperately ill traditional one is a lot like moving house. In fact in a very real way I did both at the same time. I’d proven to myself that I could generate an income online from anywhere. That gave me the confidence…

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Selling Products Online

selling products online

Selling Products Online – Physical Or Digital?  Selling products online for most people probably means ebay or A N other online auction site. They may have sold anything from a pair of shoes to a car. That’s brilliant enough but the bigger picture is awe inspiring. The fact that you can build a hugely profitable…

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Home Business Lead Generation Made Simple

home business lead generation

Home Business Lead Generation That Doesn’t Suck  Home business lead generation is a topic close to the heart of anyone who has taken the initiative to work for themselves from home. The Internet has made working from home a very real and very attractive option. Whether they choose an MLM, a traditional business or the…

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7 Joys Of Running A Home Internet Business

The Reality Of Running A Home Internet Business Well there goes Monday again! Did you wake up, spring out of bed and jump enthusiastically into your day? I hope so, I know I did – but in my own time. No alarm clock and no rush to get showered, dressed and out the door with…

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The 2 Alternative Approaches To Working Online From Home

Jings! (as Oor Wullie would say) I know some amazing people these days. After a few years of working online from home it’s a blessed relief to finally meet some truly inspiring, hard working people making a real go of creating digital lifestyles. Not to say that I haven’t already met some well meaning people…

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Commuting v Working Online From Home

Commuting v Working Online From Home At he Six Figure mentors Momentum day in London last month I was chuffed to meet a lot of fascinating people. Amongst them were a couple I’ve admired since becoming part of this business and community . Greg and Fiona have taken on board all of the SFM and…

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