Youtube’s Sensitive Issues

Top of my gripe list this week is Youtube’s sensitive issues policy. Specifically because it’s stopping me from placing ads and secondly because it’s just so vague. You may be experiencing the same frustration. If so, like me you might be finding it impossible to get any clarification on the subject. I’ll keep you posted…

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Smarter Youtube Advertising

youtube advertising

Youtube Advertising – No need To be Random About It  Youtube advertising is hot right now. Done properly it can reach a massive, engaged audience. Youtube is now the second most popular search engine on the planet with over a billion users consuming hundreds of millions of videos every day. Youtube advertising is still under…

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Why Do We Love Online Advertising

online advertising

We Love Online Advertising Because…  Online advertising – Why do we love it? asked Tom Breeze at the conclusion of a recent 2-day event he delivered in association with the Digital Experts Academy. There were a lot of answers. Suffice to say If you didn’t love online advertising before this exclusive event you’d be crazy…

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