These are some testimonials from some of the people I have been lucky to work with since becoming a full time digital entrepreneur. 

I was privileged when my friend and fellow SFM member asked if she could interview me for her Hazelnut interview series.

“The hazelnut is a symbol of wisdom in Irish mythology. These intimate interviews with online entrepreneurs are designed to crack the shell open, extract their wisdom and share their knowledge and insights. This week we meet Dave Menzies ( guitarist, photographer and online marketer who runs his internet business from his home in Glasgow.” 

Here is a video interview recorded in February 2017 with SFM and DEA Gold Affiliate Anthony McAvaney form Australia. Anthony is one of my referrals and as he says in this live, unscripted video, joining the SFM and DEA has been as life changing for me as it has been for him.

Next up is an interview with my good friend Geri hayes. Geri is a work from home mom or “mompreneur”. She uses her SFM and DEA training to enable her to create income while spending more of her precious time with her young family. I met Geri when we both attended our first SFM Momentum Day in London some years ago. We’ve stayed in touch ever since. Her perspective on work from opportunities is insightful and valuable.

Graeme Whyte said: “Dave is the person to go to if you’re looking for online success. He’s knowledgeable and fun to work with -always important I think!”

 James and Kerry Thomson (DEA Elite Gold) “Dave introduced us to the SFM in September. We were excited by the prospect of being able to work for ourselves . Taking control of our lives.  Since then we have been busy working hard to get our business of to a great start.This would not have been possible without the help on many occasions from Dave.  He is always eager and willing to help us out. Dave is a font of knowledge – nothing is too much bother  for him. An all round ‘Good Guy’ and a pleasure to know and to have support from.
With Dave you have a friend , an adviser and a true thoughtful mentor.
P.S. He tells good ‘Life Stories’