The 2 Alternative Approaches To Working Online From Home

working online from homeJings! (as Oor Wullie would say) I know some amazing people these days. After a few years of working online from home it’s a blessed relief to finally meet some truly inspiring, hard working people making a real go of creating digital lifestyles. Not to say that I haven’t already met some well meaning people online but in the early days we were definitely all part of the “get rich quick’ or “opportunity seeker” mindset.

In that world it’s an endless cycle of bandwagons. The desperate attempts to spread our links around the Internet and recruit as many from our mutual circles as we could. We’d all be working on tip off’s, approaching the same people. We were talking about downlines, uplines and positioning ourselves in matrixes etc. God ! what a nightmare.

Working Online From Home – The Old Way


I mean absolutely no offence to anyone that’s still out there and doing that. I have met some great people from that world, but it’s just so far removed from the serious, professional digital marketing world that I much prefer. As I write this I see from my Facebook notifications that the other world of the Internet – how to get rich quick – is still plugging away: Random links posted in FB groups about the next big opportunity are pinging away merrily. My mailbox continues to receive similar messages of huge empty promise.

Buy my stuff ! is the real message that comes across from all this link bombardment.  Buy it now before it goes away! Get in now while there’s still time – don’t be like the others that don’t take action: It’s old school language from an outdated era of Internet marketing.

It’s possible that if The SFM hadn’t dragged me out of that world by the scruff of my neck I’d either still be there or would have been forced back into employment. Luckily they made me realise that the possibility of working from home online and generating huge income whilst creating a superb work/life balance is a very real one. They also stressed that it takes work and commitment like any other worthwhile endeavour.

The Laptop Lifestyle – Working Smarter

Even though some of the more seasoned digital marketing veterans I know now are living the laptop lifestyle in spades, they work bloody hard at it. Maybe not in terms of the traditional daily grind they were once used to, but definitely in terms of working smarter not harder.

Here’s a good example to illustrate my Stuart Ross (Co-founder of the SFM and DEA and millionaire internet entrepreneur) has just posted on Facebook that he is just finishing a new body of work for the benefit of his affiliates and students- which we will get free of charge by the way – very unlike any other internet business I’ve seen where you are constantly asked to pay for upgrades/updates.

Stuart is working in New York this week where he and business partner Jay Kubassek have offices  and are working on some new stuff. (By the looks of the pictures he’s posting they are also having some fun downtime while they’re at it – and why the hell not – that’s really the whole point of building a real online business after all. Working online from home means that home part of the phrase can mean anywhere.

Seriously – Google these guys – or better still meet them via a series of free videos right here and see what they have to offer in terms of the REAL world of online business.

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