Stepping out of your comfort Zone

Dave Menzies

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to enhance your personal and business life. We all get Stepping out of your comfort zonecomfortable too easily and settle for what we have – it’s OK after all – not TOO bad as we say in Scotland a lot. Unfortunately these days our working comfort zones can be snatched away all too easily. Maybe the time is now to start looking at some new career ideas. If you do it now you can start building in safeguards for the future.

Adult education is a superb way to start stepping out of your comfort zone but it doesn’t have to be the traditional, classroom-based learning that puts many people off learning new skills. They think it’s going to be time consuming and that it will eat up too much already scarce free time.

New career ideas – out of your zone

While that’s certainly the case for adult education in many subjects it is not the case if your new career ideas are in Internet based business. You see these skills are quite simply not being taught in the traditional way which seems crazy when you consider how valuable these skills are right now and how much more valuable they will become.

The very idea of working online for many people takes stepping out of your comfort zone a step too far, yet every day more and more people from all walks of life are doing it. Adult education on internet marketing skills, like the internet itself is a 24/7 possibility – you do it from home (or wherever) so it couldn’t be a more convenient and comfortable learning environment.

Last year I studied Teaching English as a foreign language and followed it with an advanced teaching online course. Although it was no surprise to discover that even traditional teaching is moving online more and more, it was a surprise to notice how far behind the times it actually is in terms of educating on the business side of creating an online teaching business.

Adult education – in your home comfort zone

Adult education

Getting out of the comfort zone – in comfort

As new career ideas go creating a good income from teaching a traditional subject online you would find it pretty tough without a grounding in internet marketing. The online teaching tools available now for the actual teaching itself are slowly getting better but training on how to market your teaching business online is seriously lacking.

To my mind a much better first move would be to get a state of the adult education in Internet marketing first.  Then you can market pretty much anything effectively.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is just a matter of overcoming your own inertia – making the first move, committing to it. The other hurdle that people imagine when it comes to working online is that they think you need to be geeky or techie in some way. Not true – at least at first.

You can get started with an online business with little more than the ability to right and left click a mouse. As you build that business and begin to scale it up however you will definitely need to learn new skills but that’s just stepping out of your comfort zone again – easy to do again when you’ve done it before. I guarantee that none of the skills needed to make money online are rocket science.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is addictive

Stepping out of your comfort zone

I took this photo and I’m terrified of heights !

The people who are providing the very best adult education when it comes to Internet marketing are the guys who have been doing it for years. In many cases the only way these guys can further scale their own business is to teach it to other people.

If you are interested in new career ideas for the digital age or just in profitable ways of stepping out of your comfort zone (which is addictive by the way) have a look at the Six Figure Mentors free videos by clicking on the link below and signing up – unless of course that’s too far out of you comfort zone ?

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