Effective advertising with email

Effective advertising with email

 Dave Menzies

Effective advertising with email starts with the subject line. In my video below I have a look at my own inbox and give a short summary of the good and the bad. As with all effective advertising we need to get the right message to the right people – our target market. Email advertising is clearly no different in this respect except maybe in that we need to grab attention very quickly.

Most of us these days are bombarded by emails from both solicited and unsolicited sources and we have learned to become brutal in our filtering of our mailboxes. With email as a medium for effective advertising the subject line is just the first step but it’s clearly the first thing to get right. The objective after all is to get the email opened then we have more space to get the message across.

Effective advertising subject lines

In the video I’ve concentrated on the subject line because it’s really the first step in effective advertising. Your actual pitch is in the body of the mail – that’s where the pretty pictures and the great copy with links to landing pages goes but it has to deliver what the subject line suggests.


If I do some research via say The Advanced Institute of Marketing website, I can come up with good subject lines that appeal to various types of people’s emotional responses. That’s great but if it gets the result – the email gets opened, that’s where the work really starts. I need to deliver and effective advertising then as ever down to the copywriting.


As you saw from the video a great subject line is probably in the eye of the beholder. One that promises to make me $100K in 3 days is not going to be opened by me now but it will have others breaking their mouse to find out how. Depends what you’re selling and who you want to appeal to. I know that the sort of people who still think they can make money online for nothing will not be attracted to the businesses that I promote so for me that would not be very effective advertising.

Effective advertising email – know your target

You see if I’m paying for traffic via emailing list or doing solo ads then I want my money’s worth. I want people to see the value of my offerings and I sort of know who they are – they have brains! That’s why hyped up, over promising subject lines are extremely un – effective advertising copy for me. I can’t and won’t promise people what I can’t deliver.

Effective advertising

So in summary: Effective advertising via email must be well targeted with your ideal audience in mind. Sometimes the actual copy that will be in the body of the mail will help you create a great subject line.


It sounds back to front but it does make sense. You spend time putting together an email that honestly lays out what you are offering in a way that appeals to your target audience (who you have researched and got to know) and gets them to take the next step – click on the link, sign up, make a purchase – whatever – job done. Then you go try to condense that into a short subject line that ties in to that. There is a lot of scope here – how about “Manic Monday??” as a subject line for an email describing and linking to a series of free videos that will show you how you can learn to build an online business that you can run from anywhere (see below)

Effective advertising

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