Why 5 to 9ers Need Digital Marketing Systems

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5 to 9ers and SFM – A Match Made In Heaven

5 to 9ersThe 5 to 9ers seems to be the new phrase describing people starting a business around a full time job. I was out and about around Stirling yesterday and heard Jeremy Vine discussing this on his Radio 2 show. He had a business expert with him and various 5 to 9ers were calling in to discuss the challenges they faced.

If I’d thought I had a chance of getting through and had the time I would have called in because I was more or less shouting “You need SFM!” at the radio. Why? Because the majority of the 5 to 9ers calling in were saying their biggest challenge was marketing and growing the business.

Whilst Expert boy had some good ideas they were mainly on offline marketing so I think he kind of missed a trick there. It might well be great for business to get a photo op with a local or national politico with elections on the horizon, but there are easier ways. 5 to 9ers after all, are working 9 – 5 too so they need to find a marketing strategy that fits a nocturnal schedule. I give you The Internet!

5 to 9ers Don’t Have Time For Door Knocking

5 to 9ersSurely a digital marketing system that largely automates the marketing process for you is what most 5 to 9ers would be interested in? That would allow them to concentrate on the business itself and have ads, blogs, websites, videos, social media etc doing the legwork 24/7 and building a prospect list at the same time.

Without a doubt setting all that up can seem daunting. If you had to do it from scratch it would be another huge challenge in itself. But that’s where systems like SFM’s comes in to it’s own.


With a step-by-step set up process entrepreneurs, even those with no previous online experience, can get underway very quickly. They can have top quality websites set up and all the tools needed to design professional landing pages, banners, graphics and more in no time. The ongoing training can be accessed at times that suit 5 to 9ers and covers all aspects of online marketing.

I know that when I was working on my first business around a 9- 5 job that would have been a godsend to me. It’s like having all the pieces of the puzzle right in front of you and the best teachers in the world showing you how to use it.

Quite a few of the 5 to 9ers featured on Jeremy’s show were doing web design or graphic design. One was a lorry driver who worked on websites in his cab during breaks. There’s a perfect example of someone who could benefit hugely from SFM. His business doesn’t have any geographic or time restraints. He can be sitting in a lay-by in Slough working on a website for a client in China.

Digital marketing skills and system can be of massive help for 5 to 9ers in scaling their business to whatever level they want. It also opens the doors to the possibility of selling related affiliate products and services alongside their own. A simple to use, comprehensive digital marketing system ticks a lot of boxes for full and part time business owners.

If you are a 5 to 9er or are thinking of becoming one have a look at SFM on the link below.

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