5 Ways To Copy Or Cut & Paste The Tedium Out Of Repetitive Tasks

5 Ways To Cut And Paste The Tedium Out Of Repetitive Tasks

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We all love to save time don’t we. Finding little shortcuts that make the slightly tedious processes quicker and easier might seem to to just shave tiny bits out of the task but when you add them all up it’s incredible how much easier they make life.  Here are 5 ways to cut & paste or shortcut some time consuming stuff you do all the time.

The Simple Copy Or Cut And Paste

Cut and Paste – possibly the simplest and most useful of all the shortcuts you can do with computers. The tasks you can apply this to are endless and save oodles of time. Chunks of text, web links, images and emails can all be C ‘n’ P’ed from one application to another with ease and if you need to do this frequently it’ll save you eons of time. do it with the mouse – right click/copy and right click/paste or with the keyboard shortcuts – copy = cmd+C, paste cmd+v (Mac) or ctrl c/ctrl+V (PC)

Converting Excel Stuff To CSV Text Lists.

This is a great business tip if you want to say save a column of email addresses as a list that you can just copy and paste into the CC or BCC field of an email newsletter or advert. Simply get rid of all the excel columns you don’t need and save it as a copy. Open the copy (just the emails) highlight them and save as a comma separated text file.

A variation of the Excel –CSV is to cut and paste items into a text file for re-use. I use this for keywords for example. If I’m writing a blog or uploading a video, rather than having to tediously type the chosen keyword into the tags area, Cut and paste (again) from Keyword planner into a text file: You will need to manually add the commas after each one. Then you can just copy and paste (love it) into the tags section.

Screen Grabs


Again I use this all the time – if I want to refer back to something during a recorded webinar or video or anything that is on the computer screen, I just grab it and it’s there as a jpeg for later use. This is also great for grabbing images you might want to use or chunks of text on a Facebook ad … cmd+shift+3 on a Mac – prnt scrn C/prntscrn V on a PC (I think – don’t have one handy to check – what would a professional internet marketer do with a PC ?? LOL !)

Google Canned Responses

This is a great gmail tool you can find in the settings are under labs. If you’ve spent time putting together a sales email for instance and added hyperlinks, images, social media buttons etc the last thing you want to do is repeat the process. A canned response lets you save the whole thing and have it available for repeat use. See my Youtube video on how to create canned responses. Of course if you do email marketing you really should have Aweber.

So essentially for anything you need to use regularly save a load of time and effort by keeping them close by in folders on the desktop. Boring repetitive tasks are just no fun at all – Use the tools at your disposal. For me as an digital marketer these simple tools and shortcuts are like a mechanic’s tool box. He might not use the 40mm socket much but the screwdriver, hammer and pliers are a different matter. They are his cut & paste.