5 Ways Of Providing Value To Your Subscribers

5 Ways Of Providing Value To Your Subscribers

providing valueOne of the things that people looking at working online find daunting is how to go about providing value to a list of subscribers. They get the idea of building a list of subscribers as a valuable marketing strategy but then wonder how they can continue to build that relationship by adding value – the real currency of the Internet.

The fact is that providing value comes in a bewildering range of forms and what’s valuable to one person isn’t to another. Another fact is that if you know a little more about something than someone else who wants to know more – to them you are an expert.

So if you are building list in connection with something you are promoting, bear in mind you are also promoting you. That’s the real deal – establishing the “know like and trust”, element which is crucial in successful marketing. The simple truth is that people prefer to buy from people they know, like and trust and you can be that person by providing value in the form of information.


Five Ideas For Providing Value

provide value1. Write blogs and short broadcasts that tell people how to do something related to the products, services or training you are promoting: If it’s a working from home opportunity this could be a blog about setting up a home office. If it’s photography products write about the best time of day to shoot landscapes. Use plenty of images


2. Write reviews. People love to read reveiws about things they are interested in by people who are already using the product or service or have been with a training programme you promote for a while. Again use images – back office screenshots are good in reviews of training programmes. All of this provides value to subscribers.


 We Can All Provide Value – Even If We Don’t Realise It 


vid3. Shoot some videos. Video has become an incredibly powerful way to provide value and build relationships with subscribers. You can do video style reviews on products or services or just do video blogs on related topics and send the links to your subscribers. Desktop video editing programmes are pretty user friendly these days so you can produce some very engaging and good looking content this way.

4. Video tutorials. Again using some simple screen capture software like Screenflow, Camtasia, Screen-Cast-Omatic or Jing, you can easily walk people through a piece of software or a programme or anything you like that can be done on your computer screen. Remember – If you can learn it – you can teach it.

5. Tell stories. Using writing or video or a mix of both you can lay off the marketing at times and just send your subscribers something interesting about you, your stories, your day – a difficulty you’ve overcome etc. People like the personal touch and it all helps with the relationship building. It’s just a different way of providing value.


These are just a few ideas about providing value. It’s something we can all do whether we realize it or not. You usually know something about or are passionate about the things you choose to promote online after all (or at least you should ) and as the people attracted to your list are interested in those things. They’ll be more likely to buy them from the person that sent them that funny/inspiring/educational video than from the next guy.

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