How Do You Find Your Perfect Job?

How Do You Find Your Perfect Job?

find your perfect job

How do you find your perfect job. Big question ! For some people it seems to be easy. Somehow they decide early in life what job they want to do and just pursue it till they get there, overcoming every obstacle that appears. Others, and I include myself, don’t have a clue what they want they do in terms of a job – certainly not in childhood or early teens. So if that’s you how in the world can you decide what is your perfect job?

Luckily for the second category we can rephrase the question and actually look at things from a totally different perspective. The opportunities that technology and the digital world offer us means that you can stop trying to find your perfect job and start looking for your perfect lifestyle – A sort of reverse engineering process.

Do You Need To Find Your Perfect Job?

Sadly for those of us (and this includes the most successful people I know) who didn’t have some sort of employment epiphany early or even later in life, having no plan can be dangerous. The result is a progression of unsatisfactory jobs – the jobs that your level of education and personal skills can get you. Obviously some of those can be well-paid jobs but at the end of the day if you are not passionate about them then that really is hard work.

Happily though we have options. If you change the question from “how do you find your perfect job” to “how can I earn a living from just being me”, you might be surprised at what’s possible in the modern world. Why do we work after all. Surely it’s to provide us with the lifestyle, the possessions, the comfort we want. If that’s the case then why settle for the dated, traditional way of life that apparently sends 90% of workers home after the day’s work feeling unfulfilled?

I would argue that it’s because of conditioning. We are conditioned to not aim too high: Go to school, go to college, go to uni,- find your perfect job. If you can’t find your perfect job just get what you can. This leads to a massive impulse to conform – to have just enough. To me that’s just like being born into some repressive religion. It’s sad that given the short time we have here, so many people basically waste it by funding someone else’s dreams – exchanging their precious time for money.

An Alternative To Finding Your Perfect Job

Ok – I’m getting more philosophical than I intended – the result of a conversation I’m having with someone from Africa on Facebook as I write.  My point (at last lol) is that if you are not content with your lot in the traditional world of work you can simply move over to the new economy – the digital economy.

Yes you need to learn some new skills and yes you need to spend some time and a little money but ask yourself this: If you could make money – as much money as you wanted by doing something you enjoyed, with no commuting, no boss, and no set hours would you be at least interested in finding out how?

Why not meet some people who can teach you how to do this. They are from my second category of people – those who had no childhood game plan for the perfect job – and learned how to leverage internet and related technology and resources to create enviable lifestyles using just what they had – themselves.

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find your perfect job