The Benefits of Proactive Thinking

proactive thinkingThis morning I was forced – actually by myself, to get up at 4am and head through to my home office to jot down some ideas that had arrived unbidden into my head. Technically this is called taking a proactive approach – proactive thinking –  I believe. To me it’s been a lesson I learned a long time ago, and am pushing myself to take action on more often.

This morning’s wake up was to jot down some ideas on copy for Facebook advertising and also on some ways myself and some colleagues could collaborate on: We are taking part in a 90 day video challenge and it occurred to me that we could add yet another benefit to this by doing a little video marketing for each other.

Being proactive – Even When It’s Not Convenient

I first applied this proactive approach to things when I wrote songs. I would often get a song idea late at night/early morning and quickly found that if I didn’t get it down on paper it would usually be gone when I did get up. I have heard it said that if an idea actually is a good one it’ll still be there the next day but I’m not prepared to take the chance these days.

I reckon that circadian rhythms play a part in this – or maybe it’s biorhythms? – the time of day you were born seems to influence the times when you are at your most receptive/inspired/switched on – that certainly fits for me anyway whatever the correct term is.

You tend to stifle the process when you are tied to someone else’s timeframe: You can’t really take a proactive approach to late night ideas when you need to be at your best for the 9-5 and in any case your natural rhythms tend to get suppressed in that way of life. It’s just not natural!

Proactive Thinking Habits Won’t Let You Sleep

When you get into the habit of proactive thinking you will actually find that you won’t get to sleep till you’ve done anything about your latest brainstorm anyway. You usually don’t need to do much more than making a note in any case.

This morning I wasn’t going to jump onto Facebook and start creating a campaign, that would be mad – there’s money involved for gods sake! It was enough to just write down the copy as a reminder to my self – then I was able to go back to bed with a clear mind – happy that the idea was there for me to pick up a few hours later after some coffee!

So in terms of proactive marketing I’d recommend that you listen to that inner voice, trust your instincts and ideas and practice proactive thinking even when it’s not convenient.

Proactive thinking is a big part of what’s taught by The Six Figure Mentors and it’s certainly worked for them and their students. Find out more about them by getting the free video bootcamp on the link below – take a proactive approach !

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