The advantage of the small office home office

The advantage of the small office home office

One reason for the huge rise in creation of the small office home office business became very clear to me today. After a couple of weeks of problems with my Internet connection the last straw came yesterday when suddenly my Ipad refused to connect. Time for a new router says I! So I ventured out into the traditional world in search of one. I could have (should have) of course just ordered one online but I’m an Internet entrepreneur so the idea of waiting a day or two was not appealing.

Joys of a portable small office/home office

As an Internet based small office home office is portable I nipped into the Glad Café – a nearby café that provides great coffee and free wi-fi – to check the problem wasn’t just with the Ipad. I logged in no problem and did a little work in my cool, temporary small office/home office then headed for my local computer shop. I like to give my business to local stores whenever possible. It was closed, as in shut down.

Feeling a little sorry for another great little local business that had closed its doors, I headed to a retail park nearby which has a Curry’s branch. It was closed. As in – shut down. I wasn’t too surprised as the last couple of times I’d been in for bits and pieces for my small office/home office, there had been more staff than customers and I was pounced on by desperate sales people every 2 minutes.

So I decided I’d have to head for the vast out of town retail park not too far from where I was. I decided to go via my local high street, which I know has several small computer repair businesses. They were all shut. As in – closed down. So I had to hit the motorway and head for the huge out of town PC world. It was open! So I got my router and headed back to revitalise my small office home office’s lifeblood Internet connection.

The numbers of small office/home office style businesses are growing daily

What’s the moral of the story? Statistics have shown that small office home office businesses now produce a staggering $5471 TRILLION dollars. They also show that the numbers of small office/home office style businesses are growing daily as people realize the importance of having additional income streams. Couple that with the incredibly rapid growth of the internet with it’s global marketing possibilities and price advantage when buying goods and services and it’s easy to see why so many traditional stores just cannot compete with the digital economy.

With a small office/home office business there are very few costs compared to those involved in keeping a shop open, particularly an online business where you are not physically handling stock. You don’t need staff, your household expenses can be offset against tax and aside from your computer, printer, and possibly some video making kit, you don’t need much in the way of equipment. As I mentioned at the outset of my story today – I can run mine from a café on my Ipad. In fact I have done this all over Europe in the last couple of years.

Again referring back to my router based adventure today. I could have ordered the thing from the comfort of my home office/small office. I could have just worked from anywhere that I could get online after all and would have saved myself a couple of hours and some petrol. I’d probably have saved a few quid on the product itself as well. What the hell though it’s good to get out of the small office/home office sometimes and it happened to be a nice day so I was able to get the roof down in the Z3 and get some wind in my hair!

A few more stats to highlight the size of the market that is available to the Internet based small office/home office business.

There are.

2.4 billion social networking accounts (estimated and rising daily)

630 million websites (estimated and rising daily)

13 billion web pages (estimated… you get the picture!)

So if you could start a small office/home office business that dealt in or was powered by Internet advertising, with almost no running costs – is this a big enough market for you? And if you could have ready made and tested systems in place to automate a lot of the sales process for you – would you realize that the digital economy and the small office/home office really is the way to go?

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