How To Advertise On Facebook And Track The Results

How To Advertise On Facebook And Track The Results

how to advertise on FacebookSome great feedback and information was shared by one of our incredible SFM leaders Sri yesterday. Sri hosted a webinar where he went over his approach to tracking his Facebook advertising campaigns and recent results. It was an interesting and valuable presentation on how to advertise on Facebook. As a busy accountant who is making the transition to the digital business lifestyle his approach is very analytical as you might expect from someone with his accounting background.

The SFM system provides a lot of tools and resources for tracking links already as does the Facebook advertising platform itself – particularly with the Power Editor feature – but Sri’s spreadsheet approach ads another layer of simplicity and time saving to what is in all honesty a pretty tedious process.

Effective Tracking Is Key To Facebook Advertising

facebook advertisingTracking links effectively is what separates successful digital marketers from unsuccessful ones – particularly when marketing budgets are tight. It’s really the difference between wasting money by just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, and recognising and adapting to results in a scientific way.

As I discussed in a previous blog, facebook advertising, any advertising, begins with research, which identifies an initial set of demographics and interests that would seem to represent a good target market. You would then choose an image and write copy that is congruent with that target audience, and then send them to a landing page that is very congruent with that advert. All of this is part of the SFM suite of tools and training provided to members and affiliates

From that point accurate tracking of the early results means that marketers can get a much better idea of who is responding to what. This means that the campaign can then be fine tuned to target the responsive areas of the chosen audience. The less responsive areas can then be dropped.

Sri’s approach – as taught in the SFM and Satori Prime marketing master classes is as follows: He starts an advertising campaign with a range of countries and interests and creates advertising sets as sub-divisions of those basic criteria: So say he goes for 5 countries and both men and women of a specific age range who are interested in the book Think and grow rich. He will create one ad that targets only men from one of the countries and another that targets only women. Both from the age group and interest selected. He does that for each country.

Fine Tuning Facebook Ads

tuningSo he then has 10 individual ads with very specific demographics.  By using the tracking tools at his disposal and his excel spreadsheet system he can assign each a unique code. When the results start to come in he can quickly see who is responding best. If he starts to get good results for men from Canada for example but nothing for women from the UK, he can scale up his budget for the first group and stop the ad for the second.

Of course we are talking specifically about advertising the SFM platform here and only about one element of tracking. SFM members have a big range of landing pages to choose from and can easily create their own with the tools provided. Marketing is all about testing what works – what resonates with who so with such a massive range of resources and tools to work with there is huge scope for testing.

Sri’s personal system for monitoring his results is helpful in several ways: It explains the approach to creating Facebook ads in a logical way and to my mind most importantly, takes a lot of the tedium out of setting all this up. Since much of the content is duplicated with only minor changes to the individual ads, a spreadsheet means that he can cut and paste most of the info from one ad to the next.

The fact that he took timeout from his busy schedule to share this with other members of SFM is another demonstration of just how different the SF and DEA platform, mentoring and community is to anything else out there. For the complete newbie or more seasoned digital marketer it really is the best place to get started or to leverage a comprehensive business system.

The most amazing thing to me is that there is no pressure placed on members to actually promote the system. The idea is to  create independent digital marketers with the skillsets and mindset that enables them to use the training and resources in any niche they choose – how to advertise on Facebook being just one of many topics covered in depth. Of course when you get to grips with what is on offer here you become almost evangelical about it – and the commissions are very good indeed.


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